Here’s minimalist color palettes of 2015 that’s not just minimal but fine looking too.

Palette is a specified and limited set of colors for the management of digital images. There’s list of colors that can be chosen for but if you think of minimal, you’ll consider it not as much of or too simple. But the color palettes representing below isn’t minimal but have minimal idea only. These color palettes have been made by Sri Lankan artist Duminda Perara who’s used to live and work as creative director in Milan, Italy. He has a traditional graphic design background with over 16 years of experience in industry. He completed his primary and secondary education at Carey College Colombo. He has diploma in DTP and MSC-IT Keele University UK. In 2015 he made an agency named with Dumma Branding Agency TM that’s an international branding agency.

So, we collected these minimalist color palettes of 2015 that are truly fine and awe to have.

Minimalist-Color-Palettes-of-2015-001 Minimalist-Color-Palettes-of-2015-002 Minimalist Color Palettes 2015 Minimalist-Color-Palettes-of-2015-004 Minimalist-Color-Palettes-of-2015-005 Minimalist Color Palettes 2015 Minimalist Color Palettes 2015 Minimalist-Color-Palettes-of-2015-008



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