iPhone 5: Check out the new iPhone – Infographic

A fresh infographic called Check out the new iPhone 5 has all of the new features and specs in one single place. It even compares it to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, which I think is a pretty smart move since you will be able to more directly compare the two versions head-to-head with each other and really get a good iPhone 5 review out of it. In order to get a more thorough opinion about the iPhone 5, I highly recommend you have a gander at this iPhone 5 review comparison, and see where it leads you. Is it time to hit up an Android to see what it has to offer, or are you still excited about the new iPhone 5? Will you wait hours in line when it drops into the stores around the world? Let this iPhone 5 review be a guide more than the information that makes your final decision though. The iPhone 5 will most likely be yet another success for Apple, but how big it will be is still uncertain.

Source: The new iPhone 5