Excellent Street Art by Destroy

Excellent Street Art by Destroy will be featured. Destroy is Perth Western Australia based artist who is known work with background in painting, tattooing, graffiti, street art and airbrushing.

He started graffiti in his early teens. In 2010, he learnt traditional brush painting to express his voice in special experience in penal and now he’s following his passion for art. “I have had an interest in drawing since my early childhood. I remember I would always get in trouble with the teachers at school because all I did was draw. I started doing graffiti in my early teens, and that’s when I began getting into trouble with the law for graffiti, violence, stealing etc. From graffiti I then progressed into designing and illustrations, and airbrushing, which would eventually lead me to Tattooing.” He says. “Even when I got older, trouble still seemed to find me, or I found trouble. In 2010 I was sentenced to 3 and a ½ years’ imprisonment for let’s just say “taking the law into my own hands”. It was in prison that I discovered traditional brush painting, mainly because I was bored of drawing and the option of prison tattooing wasn’t something I was particularly keen on, due to the poor hygiene, equipment, and high blood borne virus infections. In the past I had always dismissed traditional painting for weirdos, hippies, and high society. Even my dad would always encourage me to paint with a brush and I would tell him he was a silly old fool. Painting in prison gave me a voice, a way of expressing myself-my thoughts on the world, and a way to relax and escape the harsh reality of my environment, and not to mention it also made my time go a lot quicker. I was also lucky to have been able to enrol into an external university degree offered by the Curtin University J.e.t.a programme. The degree was for an Associate degree in fine arts which was 3 years full time study, this degree sits under the Bachelor of fine arts.” He gives detail.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to be released from prison on parole, and given a new chance at life and returned to society. I returned a changed man, vowing to do the right thing and never return to prison again. I plan to pursue my passion for art and creativity with a determination like no other, and plan to achieve all my goals and my studies.”

His thinking and work is full of passion and dedication. Here’s the showcase of his creativity in the field of graffiti.

Excellent Street Art by Destroy Excellent-Street-Art-by-Destroy Excellent-Street-Art-by-Destroy Excellent Street Art by Destroy Excellent Street Art by Destroy Excellent Street Art by Destroy Excellent Street Art by Destroy Excellent-Street-Art-by-Destroy Excellent Street Art by Destroy Excellent-Street-Art-by-Destroy



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