Here’s intense Euro 2016 teams illustrations that has been made to celebrate the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament.

These Euro 2016 teams illustrations are created by Florian Nicolle to highlights the best players. He is from Paris, France. The perception is to use for each poster the same catch word “More Than…” then modifying it according to the team. Florian tried to make an image that keep in mind the freshness of the first paint stroke and to find the unification between freedom and sanity.Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-001

Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-002 EURO 2016 Teams Illustrations Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-004 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-005 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-006 EURO 2016 Teams Illustrations Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-008 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-009 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-010 EURO 2016 Teams Illustrations Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-012 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-013 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-014 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-015 EURO 2016 Teams Illustrations Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-017 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-018 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-019 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-020 EURO 2016 Teams Illustrations Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-022 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-023 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-024 Intense-EURO-2016-Teams-Illustrations-025




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