Easter Bunny Adventure Tale Illustrations

Easter Bunny Adventure Tale Illustrations

Easter bunny adventure tale illustrations is basically a book illustration created by multiple illustrators Maryna Solomennykova, Marina Yalanska and Tubik Studios.

These Easter bunny adventure tale illustrations are so cute and cool. See what illustrators say about this book illustrations, “With Easter vibes here and there, let us give you a glance at one of our projects for kids devoted right to that big holiday. Here at tubik, we’ve created the kind fairytale about the adventures of the little Bunny who had to gather the lost Easter eggs and meets lots of friends on that way.”

Well, yeah I just like this book illustration and the way artists work is truly impressive and remarkable. Let me show some piece of story so you can understand it well. Have a look on these Easter bunny adventure tale illustrations by reading story.

In the spring forest, on a sunny lawn, a family of rabbits was preparing to celebrate Easter. They cleaned the rabbit house, baked Easter cakes, painted Easter eggs. Suddenly …

– Oh! Cried the grandmother.

– What happened? The little rabbit asked her.

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– Oh, granddaughter, our holiday is gone. I touched the basket with Easter eggs, it fell, and all the Easter eggs rolled. How now to celebrate Easter without Easter eggs …

“Don’t be sad, Grandma.” I will run now and quickly collect them.

The rabbit grabbed an empty basket and ran to look for lost Easter eggs.

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The rabbit did not have time to go far when he saw the first Easter egg. She was lying under a bush on a nearby lawn.

The kid was happy: now he will quickly collect everything and return home.

Read full story here Discover more Illustration work for inspiration.

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