18 Scenarios Making The Case for Dynamic Content [Infographic]

Today we are sharing with our reader an inspirational dynamic content infographic. This Infographic is related with Email marketing, Hope our readers will like this.

Do you know 78% of CMOs think that custom content is the future of email marketing? Well, why not? With higher conversion rates and proven success, real-time (dynamic) content is surely one of the most sought after email marketing mantras.

Our team felt a need of exploring various real-time email scenarios and the results were spectacular. We have come up with an entire infographic about Dynamic Content in Emails and various 18 ways you can implement dynamism within your email. We have also collaborated with some of the leading ESPs to come up with a holistic knowledge base on dynamic content.

The infographic reflects upon dynamic content types, benefits, technical requirements for dynamism in emails along with dynamic content scenarios.

 Dynamic Content Infographic


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