Dropbox: The digital storage service Infographic

Dropbox: The digital storage service

MIT graduate Drew Houston co-founded Dropbox back in 2006 when he got tired of keeping track of his USB flash drive. He knew there must be a faster, more convenient and safer way of not just storing data but also sharing it. Today Dropbox is one of the hottest tech start-ups around and is going from strength to strength so much that tech giants such as IBM and Google are playing catch up.

Below is an infographic looking at how they have grown and expanded in a mere 6 years from just 2 employees to 200 and over 50 million users, all on word of mouth advertising!

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  1. The article is about marketing the product or service of a company. Maan, for your information, I am using the “Dropbox” for storage purposes in our office.

  2. Personally, I have been using ‘DropBox’ for a number of years now and would look back. Before using DropBox, I did used to use memory sticks and discs a lot. I agree with the initial problem that Drew Houston came across through keeping track of your USB and the many problems that would occur either by files being corrupt, or there not being enough memory. I would highly recommend using this form of file storing/backup, as it gives you piece of mind and nothing to worry about.

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