DongYang Wood Carving – The Dying Chinese Art

DongYang wood carving is the dying Chinese art that was arose in the 7th century. It is well-designed form of break carving in the wood.

Dongyang wood carving is a dying Chinese art which began in the 7th century. This artistry method consist of complicated wood sculpting that requires too much time and of course dedication to do this. So, this is the reason that young Chinese people aren’t taking this skill as a career path when time comes to take any trade. Fortunately, there are small number of workshops in China’s Dongyang region that use Dongyang wood carving to beautify run-of-the-mill objects like tables and cabinets. This Dongyang woodcarving is also known as white woodcarving because white is the natural color of the wood and this is one of the handpicked in Chinese crafts.  In terms of techniques, Dongyang woodcarving features a high relief, multi-layers, and a rich composition of pictures, presenting a third dimension, full yet in neat order. By seeing this sculpting style, I must say that these statues are the personification of grace, style and handmade magnificence and I hope you guys would love to see them too.

DongYang Wood Carving DongYang Wood Carving DongYang-Wood-Carving DongYang Wood Carving DongYang-Wood-Carving DongYang Wood Carving DongYang-Wood-Carving DongYang-Wood-Carving DongYang-Wood-Carving DongYang-Wood-Carving

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