Ito is a graphic designer and illustrator lives in New York but formerly she’s from Japan. Her Alma Mater, Rochester Institute of Technology offered her to do that course. So, she began her Scribbled Line People Project in year 2008 offered by Alma Mater. She combined photography into Artwork and added a part of programming that was completed with the support of her collaborator Randy Church. Both Ito and Randy practiced together in applications such as Photoshop and Flash. They smashed photo graphic images and build the extreme part from the front back up into fascinating portraits by combining a series of interweaving lines. The inspiration of their work can be seen from wire sculptures.

I’ll say that they did marvelous job which isn’t amazing but alluring as well. You’ll also love it to see and experience such kind of creative work. I hope all of you will like this Scribbled Lines Art work. Let us know by giving your feedback. Thanks.

Scribbled Line Portraits

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