The music industry is a huge business to be involved with or be a part of, from selling compositions and jingles right through to composing and recording songs.Music and creative work together hand in hand and neither one should be deprived of each other.

In this article,We have collected different  Creative Music Web Design Inspiration to give you great and  interesting concept. Enjoy…!

Event & Music Website

Universal Music Group


Last FM – Myspace / Fusion

Wild Mix’s Website

SHREK – The Musical

“To byl náš hit” Microsite Design


Duku Music

webshop design

Dj-Live homepage


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  1. Awesome web designs are here.Really attractive especially for music lovers.Creativity holds a lot of marks when it comes to a web design. A website which catches the eyes of the audience has more chances of success.Thanks for sharing such a cool and interesting post.

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