07 Brilliant Digital Mosaic Illustrations by Charis Tsevis

Brilliant Digital Mosaic Illustrations

Another step of digital mosaic, Cyprus artist Charis Tsevis created some other inspiring, wonderful and brilliant digital mosaic illustrations.

Visual designer of Greek origin, Charis Tsevis is based in Paphos, Cyprus. He created inspiring, notable and brilliant digital mosaic illustrations that’s truly admirable. He knows how to work in a such way to distinguish himself. About 2 months before, we shared his digital mosaic illustrations that’s was awesome when to see at first sight.

This time, he made some new digital mosaic which is entitles with Educational roadshow of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Baden-Württemberg. “The Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (Baden-Württemberg Foundation), one of the major foundations in Germany investing in the future of the state of Baden-Württemberg and thus in the future of its citizens, has created a very ambitious program called Expedition D, where D stands for Digital. Expedition D is trying to get the youth or the state of Baden-Württemberg closer to the principles and the various directions of the 4th industrial revolution.” He says.

“One of the tools they have chosen is a roadshow-truck where students from schools from the whole state can visit, learn, play and get closer to the challenging ideas like Work 4.0, Big Data, Business Angel, Digital Literacy, Mixed Reality and so many more.” Continued by writing down in Behance about this work.

He works for global clients together with WIRED, Nike, Toyota, Pepsi, IKEA, TIME, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and many more. Tsevis work has been awarded at Epica, NPSA and ED-Awards in the US and Europe. He studied design and advertising in Milan and Athens and a visiting professor at AKTO College, Greece.

His work is marvelous and exceptional in his own way. I really like the way he worked and he’s working. I am sure you guys would like his work too and these brilliant digital mosaic illustrations as well. Here it is;

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