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Audi Union 2017 Concept Design

Audi union 2017 concept design will be presented below. This Audi Union 2017 concept is a plan for an uncovered minimalist sports car.

The concept’s name has ability to remember the famous record-breaking 1930s Auto Union racers of pre-war Germany. The Audi Union 2017 shares little in terms of designing with the modernized silver-painted Auto Union cars. Although the family likeness is quite limited but the structure is ship-shape, fresh and clean even without the four-ringed badge, it would be attractive hard to pin down the roots.
Its designer Russia-based Burov Art has left it open to interpretation. However the details are unclear, although the size of the car and its innovative design would provide itself well to either a turbocharged 4-cylinder or even 100-percent electric drivetrain.

Audi-Union-2017-Concept-Design-001 Audi-Union-2017-Concept-Design-002 Audi-Union-2017-Concept-Design-003 Audi-Union-2017-Concept-Design-004 Audi-Union-2017-Concept-Design-005 Audi Union 2017 2017 Audi Union Audi Union 2017 Concept Design Audi Union 2017 Concept Design Audi-Union-2017-Concept-Design-010

Source: Behance


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