Selçuk Yılmaz is a talented artist belong to Istanbul. Recently he done his work in Aslan Metal Lion Sculpture, the main character of The Chronicles of Narnia. The Sculpture made about 4,000 pieces of metal, the weight of this lion is 500 pounds. Every single piece of metal was cut and broken up by hand to get the preferred result. Yılmaz worked determinedly to make sure that each piece of lion express its spirit of power. Although he isn’t clearly made from skin and fur yet it looks petrifyingly genuine.

Check this out his work & I hope all of you will like this Aslan the Lion Metal Sculpture work. Let us know by giving your feedback. Thanks

Aslan the Lion Metal Sculpture

Aslan the Lion Metal Sculpture Lion Metal Sculpture Aslan the Lion Metal Sculpture Aslan Metal Sculpture Aslan-the-Lion-Metal-Sculpture-by-Selçuk-Yılmaz Aslan-the-Lion-Metal-Sculpture Aslan-the-Lion-Metal-Sculpture Aslan-the-Lion-Metal-Sculpture Aslan-the-Lion-Metal-Sculpture


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