Artist Of The Week: Tomas Muller

My main point of interest is commercial visual art and art directing. I specialize to creation of advertising visuals, concept art and matte painting. The cooperation with the top photographers in area of advanced photomontage and photorealistic visuals is another of my scopes. I use experiences gained during the studies at High School of Art and also various expressions and forms like digital airbrush, 3D graphic or classical painting in my artworks

Creative Fields

  1. Digital Imaging
  2. Illustration
  3. Photo Manipulation

Basic Info

  1. Temujin
  2. Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  3. URL:

His Work:



The Orbs

Is This Tomorrow?

Secrets of Earth´s Core

Vodafone and Bait

Concept art – portfolio

Fading out

TECHNICALL – magazine cover

Red Cross – advertising campaign