Three Spirits – El Diablo by Nathaniel Rueda

Three Spirits - El Diablo

Three Spirits – El Diablo is a wonderful piece of digital art and character project by Nathaniel Rueda.

Three spirits – El Diablo is a character project which is developed for Pictoplasma Academy All Stars Group Show.

These characters are based on Aymara culture and Diablada dances. It represents their Cosmo vision as well. Artist beautifully designed these characters and presented his concept copiously.

He always tries for new things and this digital art piece shows how much creative he is. In this culture, there are 3 planes of way of life, the Uku, Aka and Alax.

All of them are alike to Hell, Earth and Heaven. If you scrutinize Diablada dances and costumes, you’ll find that the three of these concepts are characterized in it.

Three-Spirits-El-Diablo Three-Spirits-El-Diablo Three-Spirits-El-Diablo Three-Spirits-El-Diablo

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