Angelic Character Designs Illustration – The Watchers Part-I

Angelic character designs illustration “The Watcher Part-I is here to show you. This is a collection of Angelic character designs based off the leaders of the fallen angels.

These angelic character have been designed Peter Mohrbacher. He is freelance illustrator from Chicago, USA. “I was working in the gaming industry before I took on this project full time. My passion lies at the intersection between creating paintings and owning my own work.” He says. In ancient times, The Watchers were angels that came down to Earth to help mankind learn the ways of the universe. They fell to pride and nearly destroyed creation in the process. He’s creating designs for the 20 leaders of The Watchers. This is part of his project Angelarium, a living world for the divine order.

“Once I’d read the names of the Angels, I knew this was a project I wanted to take on. That was back in 2005. Since then, Angelarium has been a part of my life every single day. Even when I’m not paying attention to it, it’s gone out on the internet and had a life of its own. The name of the project has come to define the idea of surreal angelic figures and the fan base around it has re-inspired the new designs.” He declares about it.

These angelic character designs will let you make to appreciate Peter’s skill and way of dealing with the work.

Angel of the Dust


Angel of the Purity
Angelic Character Designs Illustration

Angel of the Lightening Angel-of-the- Lightning

Angel of the Eclipse Angel-of-the-Eclipse

Angel of the StarsAngel-of-the-Stars

Angel of the UnseenAngel-of-the-Unseen

Angel of the WrittenAngel-of-the-Written-Word

The Angel of Undoing Angelic Character Designs Illustration

Angel of WarAngel-of-War

Angel of DeceptionAngelic Character Designs Illustration

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