Amazing Knitting Portraits

Amazing Knitting Portraits

Sharing these amazing knitting portraits to let you know how creative work can be done brilliantly and beautifully.

I am speechless to see vibrant, beautiful and amazing knitting portraits created by Faith Humphrey. I am one of those who admire creativity and creativeness in all ways. I appreciate artists and designers for what they make, they design, they create and bring about. This is what appeal me to let others know about it and respectably, I do so.

I aimed to share all kind of inspiring and encouraging stuff related to designing and developing. I am happy to bear my aim out by bringing out work of diverse artist, designers and developers. By featuring their work, I acknowledge their passion, leisure, hard-work and effort they made to complete the task.

This time we are sharing amazing knitting portraits that have been created by Faith Humphrey. Through her art, Faith gives one more reason to love knitting pieces and I love them, seriously. The vibrant threads are used in such a way that brings deepness, light and gradations to the portrayed faces.

“Knitting has a vast history that I reference by including it as a layer in my finished artwork. Everyone owns something that is knit and used for warmth and protection. A knit hat is one of the first textiles we touch after we’re born.

It’s a medium that has been a political tool and often tied to women’s history. I will at times utilize a non-electric 1950’s knitting machine. Machines like mine were invented so women could earn an income from home to support their families.

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Knitting is a software and that idea also intrigues me. It has an order and process that is very different from my drawing skills. The knit portraits reference these ideas by introducing knitting for its visual symbolism”. She wrote in her site.

“I’m ever curious about the human condition and using my eyes to decode the experiences of others. I want to create warmth and connection among humanity. Expose our common thread. Using seemingly juxtaposing mediums and processes to create a unified whole. This feeds the viewer’s eye with a sense of comfort and togetherness”. She explains.


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