Amazing Hipstory Illustration by Israeli artist Amit Shimoni

Here are we with having amazing hipstory illustration that have been created by Amit Shimoni.

Israeli artist Amit Shimoni brilliantly created amazing hipstory illustration with outfits and haircuts of today’s early stages.

He studies to love art early on. As a young person, he painted the walls of his bedroom. At the age of 18 to 21, he worked his time with the martial in nonfigurative drawings.

Barack Obama can be seen having tattoo on his chest with the words hope and change. Hillary Clinton has half-purple hair, wears a heavy gold chain over a vibrant t-shirt. Dalai Lama put on a wine-red hoodie and necklet, bearing a Tibetan icon in green and gold.

Nelson can be seen wearing vibrant t-shirt, golden chain and make hair up-straight. Vladimir Putin having dog tattoo on his chest.

Donald Trump’s t-shirt is very bright and nose pin on nostril give diverse look.

Stunning Photo Manipulation Inspiration

Shimoni says of the ongoing series, “hipstory’ wishes to reimagine the great leaders of modern history and place them in a different time and culture”.

Amazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing Hipstory IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing Hipstory IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing Hipstory IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing Hipstory IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing Hipstory IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-IllustrationAmazing-Hipstory-Illustration


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