About The Brain Of A Blogger: Infographics

There are so many things to consider when launching your own blog from what the actual blog will be about to how you will bring more traffic and monetize your blog. SEO and Social Media can be overwhelming as well, when you are just starting out. Mostly, the bloggers always find new name domain because many popular names always taken! It’s hard to get name strategy to launch a successful blog.

There are many “Blogging Gurus” out there and it’s hard to know exactly what the right strategy is to launch a successful blog and make a decent income from it. So Enjoy “Blogger Brain” Infographics below and share it on your own Facebook page and with your Twitter followers.

Brain Of Blogger Infographics

  1. Hey, this is Tammy from Infolinks, thanks for sharing our infographic! There are so many things running through the mind of a beginning blogger, we did our best to accurately and humorously capture them all. We are an advertising platform that strives to help our publishers answer at least one of these questions – how to monetize content? Feel free to email us to learn more 🙂 s[email protected].

    Happy blogging,


  2. I saw the similar infographic some months ago but it’s a nice flashback to get things back under consideration. I had forgotten to monetize my site 😀 This would help.

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