A Stranger in the Garden by Saddo

A Stranger in the Garden by Saddo

A Stranger in the Garden by Saddo is a solo show presented by BC Gallery. Artist beautifully and brilliantly illustrated the show and gave real meaning of it.

Saddo is from Brasov, Romania. He is a Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist. Since childhood, he has always been concerned in the direction of strange and fantastic imagery. He studied Graphics in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. With his friends, he started the very first Romanian street art collectives in Romania, The Playground. Meanwhile he completed many levels and got diverse guidance from street art, cartoons, fantasy books, Walton Ford, floral patterns, representational illustrations of birds and plants, Brueghel, Arcimboldo and so on. His work is really cool, awesome, awe and inspirational. His most recent works is inspired by touches topics or themes such as viciousness human history, folklores, humanity, nostalgia, spiritual metaphor and the passing of time. He feels his works are mixtures of submissions, influences from street art, personal mood, Renaissance, Flemish Masters, lowbrow art and design. His work have been presented in many group exhibitions in New York, Montreal, San Jose, Berlin, Bucharest, Timisoara, Ottawa, Muenster, Aalborg, Holon, Copenhagen etc.

Let me write down something about the show “A Stranger in the Garden”. In any society, death considered very main apprehension in mythoi, ceremonies and civilizations. Saddo himself is weird by the believed of death. He wanted to see the death so he involved it by religious stories folklores. His desire to see death provoke him to attempt to discover different ways to see death as a national, an intimidating believed or come to life. Death is observed and share out with dissimilar values, cultures and religions. It can be separated from rebirth and certainty revival. Personifications are illustrated in the show, “A Stranger in the Garden” where Saddo tries to put forward the whole secret. There are many ways to recognize it and observe it. The whole thing has been described with full sensitivity, intelligence and observation.

I am sure users will like the way he illustrated things.


A Stranger in the Garden A-Stranger-in-the-GardenA Stranger in the GardenA Stranger in the GardenA-Stranger-in-the-Garden A Stranger in the Garden A Stranger in the Garden A Stranger in the Garden A-Stranger-in-the-Garden-by-Saddo A Stranger in the Garden by SaddoA Stranger in the Garden A-Stranger-in-the-Garden A-Stranger-in-the-Garden A Stranger in the Garden

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