40 Magnificent Magazine Covers Design

Magazines are periodicals that have attracted the attention of the readers from time immemorial. Generally these journals or periodicals focus on a particular theme. Therefore, the readers are going to find a large number of options pertaining to their interest, be it news journal, fashion magazines, medical journal, educational journal or any other theme. Therefore to increase the number of readers of a particular magazine, the content of the magazine must be unique, sound and well researched. However, these are not only determinants that make a magazine popular. In this age of cut throat competition, the magazines need to be marketed well as well. Here comes the role of an attractive magazine cover.

Designing an interesting and intriguing magazine covers design is one of the toughest challenges. It should be such that it turns heads and the prospective readers take the initiative to pick it up from the book rack amidst the many option presents before the readers. Most magazine covers design have a story based on which the cover page of the journal is designed. So the cover page designs can be about anything, but it should be downright interesting and creative. This is one of the most important selling points of the magazine which the editors must utilize to get the best benefit.

1. Michael Phelps for ESPN magazine

This Magazine Cover is by Alberto Seveso.

Magazine Covers

2. Move magazine cover

This Magazine Cover is by Countess Grotesque.

Creative Doodle Art of Lei Melendres

Magazine Covers (2)

3. NAG

Magazine Covers (3)

4. Arkham Asylum Video Game Magazine Cover

Magazine Covers (4)

Beautiful UI UX Design Inspiration

5. Modern Design magazine

This photo was taken on November 7, 2009.

Magazine Covers (5)

6. 55th Annual Design

This photo was taken on June 11, 2009.

Creative Circle Break Logo Designs Inspiration

Magazine Covers (6)

7. Assassin’s Creed II

Magazine Covers (7)

8. BBC Focus Magazine

This Magazine Cover is by Tomas Muller.

Creative Scribbled Lines Portraying Human Figure

Magazine Covers (8)

9. Masquerade Magazine Magazine Covers

10. Black Queen

This Magazine Cover is by Grzegorz Domaradzki.

Magazine Covers (10)

11. Cat Magazine Cover

This Magazine Cover is by Rami Khan.

Magazine Covers (11)

12. Control Magazine cover

This Magazine Cover is by Martijn van Dam.

Magazine Covers (12)

13. Cuisine Cover apple

Magazine Covers (13)

14. Das Magazin

This Magazine Cover is by Robert Hellmundt.

Magazine Covers (14)

15. Dazed & Confused

This Magazine Cover is by Xabiso Ndaba.

Magazine Covers (15)

16. Delaware Beach Life

This Magazine Cover is by Kevin Fleming.

Magazine Covers (16)


This Magazine Cover is by Andre’s DeCordova.

Magazine Covers (17)

18. Esquire Magazine Cover

This Magazine Cover is by Oak Thitayarak.

Magazine Covers (18)

19. Freaky People

This Magazine Cover is by Adrien Heiniger.

Magazine Covers (19)

20. Gardens Magazine

This Magazine Cover is by Jinxicus Chickpeania Giovinazzo.

Magazine Covers (20)

21. Golf Georgia Editorial

This photo was taken on October 28, 2010.

Magazine Covers (21)

22. Homes Magazine

This photo was taken on May 3, 2010.

Magazine Covers (22)

23. House beautiful cover

This Magazine Cover is by Tobi.

Magazine Covers (23)

24. Icon

This Magazine Cover is by Adam Law.

Magazine Covers (24)

25. Jake Gyllenhaal

Magazine Covers (25)

26. JOiA Magazine

Magazine Covers (26)

27. Justin Covers Vanity Fair Magazine

Magazine Covers (27)

28. Kanye West

This Magazine Cover is by Carsten Oliver Bieraugel.

Magazine Covers (28)

29. Lebron James

Magazine Covers (29)

30. Light It

Magazine Covers (30)

31. Magazine Cover Design

Magazine Covers (31)

32. Numero

This Magazine Cover is by Eli Maier & Alexandra Zaharova.

Magazine Covers (32)

33. PAGE Magazine

Magazine Covers (33)

34. Para Todos Magazine Cover

Magazine Covers (34)

35. People’s Home Journal

Magazine Covers (35)

36. ROLL Gogol Bordello Cover

Magazine Covers (36)

37. Rolling Stone Cover Recreation

Magazine Covers (37)

38. Sport Compact Car Magazine

Magazine Covers (38)

39. This old house

Magazine Covers (39)

40. Yerevan Magazine Cover

Magazine Covers (40)