30 Creative Text Based Logo Design For Your Inspiration

Creative Text Based Logo Design

Today we collect some creative text based logo designs for your design inspiration.

A Logo is a very important graphical element that helps a trademark or commercial brand to be easily recognizable. Creating a logo design isn’t just about creating a pretty visual. What you’re doing, or taking part in, is developing a brand and communicate a brand message.

A logo should answer these questions what is the purpose of this logo? Who is the target audience? What message you want to convey? The logos seek to attract consumer attention and quickly be recognized, based on simplicity.

We will help you by presenting this showcase of highly beautiful, original and creative text based logo designs for your design inspiration. You can check out how they have created them using font selection, typography adjustments and specific colors combination. Check them out!

1) Muno Cafe Bistro Logo:

A simple yet creatively designed text-based logo design that uses letters as design elements.

Muno Cafe Bistro Logo

Surreal Photo Mashups to Show Connection Between Humans and Cities

2) Antiparticle:

This logo was designed for a film production company.


3) Rocket Farms:

The incorporation of the rocket in this logo is great. It’s bold, eye-catching, and makes the brand recognizable.

Amazing Drawing of Reconstructive Surgery

Rocket Farms

4) eximoo.com:

Nice logo for a web design company.


A Stranger in the Garden by Saddo

5) OneThree:

This logo was designed by a user from Arpad Deviant art who has participated in a logo contest.


6) Privilege

A nice logo concept of Aleksandrs a user from thedesigninspiration.com community website

Website Simplified Design Infographic


7) Blink Chocolate:

This logo was designed for a coffee company.

Blink Chocolate

8) Odd Logotype:

It’s a logo for brand and business card by a member in Deviantart website.

Odd Logotype

9) Ici Leonie

It’s a logo for a restaurant company.

Ici Leonie

10) Interpaint :

A nice logo for a Commercial painting by “unit one nine” designer.


11) Saxon:

It’s a logo for a photography company designed by Roy Smith


12) Wiesinger Music:

This logo was created for a piano service shop.

Wiesinger Music

13) Perro:

A Simple miraculous piece of artistic work that speaks the volume about its creator.


14) Valdao Transport:

Valdao uses a simplistic representation of a bird of prey to infer the companies’ qualities (speed, efficiency). The bird’s wings also form into a ‘V’ shape, whilst taking on the look of a stylish car emblem.

Valdao Transport

15) Xanadu:

This logo was designed for forthcoming giant health and lifestyle complex.


16) Mono software:

A nice logo for a web development company

Mono software

17) Trust:

Trust logotype. The message is symbolized in the 2 crosses. The letters a mirrored sort of an am bigram.


18) SpadeDealer:

A clever logo that uses negative space between two simplistic hands, to create the shape of a spade (from a deck of cards). The flexing hands create a sense of energy associated with a casino dealer.


19) WebMynd:

This logo was designed by Helvetic Brands


20) Bright Lights:

A nice logo Concept for a movie studio, designed by Limeshot.

Bright Lights

21) Chariot:

Chariot is a logo for a web development and marketing agency.


22) Coffee Cup:

Award winning logo design for specialty coffee house and artisan coffee roaster.

Coffee Cup

23) Springdale:

This logo was designed for ZION national park


24) Victory Art:

Victory Art is a logo for a Gallery of modern painting.

Victory Art

25) Girls talkin smack:

Girls talkin smack is a logo that was designed for a fashion trends and celebrity company.

Girls talkin smack

26) Greek Whole Food:

Greek Whole Food is a logo that was designed for a restaurant company.

Greek Whole Food

27) Le Cafe Chat Noir:

This  logo was designed for a coffee company.

Le Cafe Chat Noir

28) Brass & Chrome Accessories:

A nice logo for” Brass and chrome accessories” company

Brass & Chrome Accessories

29) Colores Vivos:

Colores Vivos is a logo designed for an art institute:

Colores Vivos

30) Vivo:

Vivo is a logo that was designed for an online cloth store. The Spanish word “vivo” means live, alive.