Have you even listen that a designer can tell with their clients? Of course you’ve. It sounds not so good to hear that but you’ll smile by scrolling throughout the post because you’ll see 20 lies designers tell their clients.

If you’re designer, you meet many clients for designing purpose. There can be a list of clients who are really kind and generous to pay you well for what you do for them. But there are many people who aren’t proof to be a good client because of argument they do with you during work. This post contains 20 lies designers tell their clients and of course such lies are inoffensive and not so big to be well thought-out. This is series of funny posters that will show that how some emblematic designers lies and half-truth. All designers don’t do so but some often do but this isn’t a big deal and not a big issue to be worried. This post isn’t meant to reveal lies of designers rather make you smile too.

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20 Lies Designers Tell Their Clients

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No 4

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-004No 5

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-005No 6

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-006No 7

20 Lies Designers Tell Their ClientsNo 8

Lies Designers Tell Their ClientsNo 9

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-009No 10

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-010No 11

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-011No 12

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-012No 13

20 Lies Designers Tell Their ClientsNo 14

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-014No 15

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-015No 16

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-016No 17

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20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-018No 19

20-Lies-Designers-Tell-Their-Clients-019No 20

20 Lies Designers Tell Their Clients


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