15 Cool and Creatively Designed Objects

I’m always amazed at how fast things develop nowadays. We live in a time when all the branches of art are intertwined; fashion and architecture for instance are no longer clearly delimited. It’s tough to keep up with the constant changes all the subfields of art are going through, but it’s important to do it, especially if it’s your job. And even if you’re not a professional artist, I would say that filtering the quality of your Internet activity is crucial. Now there’s a new website that will satisfy both crowds. This is a fresh-out-of-the-oven website that attends to people in architecture, fashion, web design, and other fields related to creativity by posting a selection of the newest and most innovative ideas in this field.

Every post has photos that show the representation of that idea plus a text in which you find all about it. You can simply check out the most popular posts on the homepage or select them by category. Subscribe to their newsletter if you want to be kept up to date with their activity. I must say, I am already dreaming about the whimsical bird cage swing by Ontwerpduo and I really want one of those masterfully crafted wicker lamps by CKR.

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Whimsical bird cage swing by Ontwerpduo

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