10 best landing page examples with awesome UX will be displayed.

All landing pages have been created with elegant, fine and wonderful way that appeal users. Color background is white and selection of color scheme with text is perfect. This post contain 10 best landing page examples with awesome UX and we are sharing it just for your inspiration.

IPhone 6

IPhone 6’s landing page is awe-inspiring where each and every things has been giving step by step. When you’ll see the IPhone is moving when scroll down the page. Landing page is very minimal, clean and sophisticated.


Moto 360

Moto 360 is a flagship product. It’s first entry of Motorola into the smart watch market and they want to show for inventive and attention-grabbing purpose. By scrolling down, you’ll see the watch animation put together.



Forest is a productivity app which facilitate you to emphasis your time in 30 minute increments. Landing page is very light and minimal. It be able to to do a good job by explaining the conception of how it works with its simplicity.

Best Landing Page Examples with Awesome UX


Rdio is the streaming music service. Landing page is much pretty because of its clean, graceful, sparkling and vast white space. Images on full screen be crafted to take hold of attention at once glance. Simply awesome.



You doesn’t need to know or learn code for creating website. Squarespace landing page is very simple and easy to use. It has been made for individual and commercial one.



Disqus is very common. It facilitates site owners to add comment by embedding their code. This can be added to any part of your website. Landing page is excellent, elegant and appealing.



Intercom service permit you to E-mail your clients with an effective way. It let people know in an easy way that how product works. It beautifully differentiate the old way with Intercom way.

Best Landing Page Examples with Awesome UX

Campaign Monitor

It is very minimal but awe-inspiring landing page. It has a sturdy front-page, well written overview that show how software can be used and it impulses all the right boxes. Campaign monitor done very well job.



This is an IPhone app that tracks fitness levels and calorie intake etc. design is clean, minimal and effective.


Dyson 360 Eye

The beautiful and elegant landing page I have ever seen. I personally like it. It shows off rare product in an easy and excellent way. Some interesting animation can also be seen by scrolling down. Ending outcome is simply best.

Best Landing Page Examples with Awesome UX


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