Traditional Architecture with Modernity in Poland

Traditional Architecture with Modernity

Traditional Architecture with Modernity located in rural Poland. This is a combining modern and traditional architecture that’s designed by Mode:Lina™ Architecture.

Traditional architecture with modernity is one of the most beautiful combination of traditional and modern architecture. In a Polish shoreline town of Jezierzany by Wicko lake, there is a new small-scale version surrounded by trees.

This is a contemporary architecture and an inventive place which came from a desire for local traditional architecture and a need modernism. Place wasn’t just beautiful but relaxing as well. So, the Investor invited designers to make an aspiring interior architecture.

Designers combines tradition with modernity in an awesome and beautiful way. Modern vernacular architecture that attract at once when to see. This is pretty example of vernacular architecture as a model for contemporary design which is truly admirable.

“We are the architects focused on your needs. We start every project by researching what it is you need and how you live and we finish with you being happy with the results of our cooperation even 20 years later”. Mentioned in their profile.

Innovative Resort houses create a noiseless and peaceful space that’s ideal for taking a rest. Camppinus Park rejoices the nearby natural scenery and permits to live in the existing moment guilt-free.

Modern Interior Design by Pearson Design Group

It was created to show that by completing each other, those two worlds be existent in balance and harmony. Connections to traditional buildings are captured in a stable located close to the entrance. The modernity can be seen in wisely designed functional interiors and ever-present technological innovations.

Each area of this resort is super fine and sophisticated. It’s good to spend some quality time in such nice places isn’t it? Well, yes. So, I love this resort and would love to visit whenever go there.

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