Panda House Observation Center

Here we are featuring the Panda house observation center. This is the home for giant pandas Mao Sun and Xing Er in Copenhagen Zoo be similar to the natural habitation of panda. It creates a peaceful living atmosphere for one of the world’s rarest mammals.

The Panda House is designed by its residents’ lonely nature and its instantaneous surroundings, together with the central square, the monkey house, the Nordic area and the elephant house. Mao Sun and Xing Er’s circular home is divided into two separate areas which give the impression as a yin and yang symbol, making the most naturalistic likely environment for the giant pandas’ lives.

These two giant pandas have settled in at Copenhagen Zoo since arriving from Chengdu, China. The Panda House creates a pleasant-sounding indoor-outdoor garden for the two pandas to ramble easily. Both pandas and visitors hardly notice the separation, the insertion is eminent to form stables and other facilities below ground.

The Panda House consists of two levels, a ground floor with the French-Asian bistro PanPan for visitors to dine. Visitor can observe pandas, the elephants and Nordic plants while having dinner or lunch.

All interiors are designed to have the lavish landscape at eye-level, creating an impressive experience with flora and fauna and nature at both sides. The vegetation and landscape at the Panda House thoroughly mimic the pandas’ natural environment with patches of rattan sprinkled all over.

Lavish, beautiful and eye-relaxing, I’ll say.

Panda House
Panda House
Panda House
Panda House

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