Bookstore’s Chandeliers Look Like Paper Sheets Floating in Air

Chinese Bookstore’s chandeliers look like paper sheets floating in air. This is extremely awesome and stunning to see.

I’ve seen many architectural masterworks that mesmerize when to see, capture attention at once. But this is one of the most and most beautiful, exceptional and outstanding masterpiece I’ve ever seen in anywhere. The Chinese bookstore’s chandeliers look like paper sheets floating in air.

Most beautiful design ever seen. The Chinese city of Xi’an is ongoing by its appearance as a center of architecture and design with the YJY Maike Centre Top by Japanese designer Tomoko Ikegai.

Looking to make an atmosphere where people, values and books from around the world could mingle and socialize. This is a fictitious theme which goes all through the interior.

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“Libraries are spaces for learning and valuing independent time, while galleries serve as intellectual spaces for displaying culture,” IKG Inc writes. “The design blends elements of both and also incorporates features of palace architecture in order to encourage visitors and the store to collaboratively exchange and develop creative ideas.” He says.

Panoramic Photographs of Architectural Symmetry

Ikegai also took indications from Japanese and Chinese palaces by playing with the space scale and the preparation of organized rooms. Warm seating areas and rich wood tones keep the interior comfortable by providing equilibrium to the outstanding scale of the architecture.

The second floor acts as a hall for the Grand Hyatt which runs on the upper floors. There is a coffee bar as well to encourage get out and meetings. Really love to see and hope book lovers would love it to visit. In fact, they must.


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