Why Entrepreneurs Divorce Their Logos And Why It’s A Bad Idea

A logo represents your company. It leaves the first impression  on the mind of the potential customers and the others about your brand or the organization. One the logo gets accepted amongst the viewers and they start showing interest then you can easily expect that your business may become successful. Gradually the logo becomes an inseparable part of your company and it becomes so famous that people remember your company only through the logo even if they do not remember the name. It can be said that like your logo is married to your brand.

 All the marketing vehicles that you use to promote your products and services such as websites, banners, flyers, letter heads, visiting cards should contain the logo. You should also use it in your products, business kits which you sometimes give to the customers as free samples or to the other retailers. This will help you to make your logo popular and help to rejuvenate the business. But sometimes the same logo that is being used for a long times can become monotonous. The logo which once used to make you proud no more sparks the same feeling after a decade or long.

The problem arises when you get bored after seeing  the logo over continuously for a long time. You work with the same logo while designing banners, flyers or websites and see the same logo in your business cards, letterheads, in advertisements and everywhere. This thing does not happen to you only, everybody be it your employees or the customers feel the same. This is the time when the logo starts losing its appeal and the sheen. As this happens most of all business owners or the organizations opt for the easiest solution which is simply dropping their logo and introduce a new one thinking that it will give the brand a fresh look and wipe away the monotony and the boredom. But unfortunately the same thing happens with this logo as well.

Changing a Custom Logo Design frequently is not a solution. It is not even suggested as well because it can be harmful for your business. Logo becomes an inseparable part of your company since it is introduced in the market and are meant to be with it till the company exists.  It works as the communicator between the company and its potential customers and clients. What the most business owners tend to forget is that once they change their logo all of a sudden can make your customers or clients confused. They feel lost and becomes doubtful about the business and the profile of the organization.

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Therefore if you feel bore with the same logo then instead of jumping to change the logo immediately you can do something else which are mentioned below to get out of your boredom.

Read customer’s mind:

Most of the business owners think that as they have become bored with the logo, it is also same for the customers and they are also tired of seeing the same logo for a long period of time. But this is not at all true. They do not ever get tired of seeing the same logo. Rather they develop a deep relationship with your brand as the time goes with the help of the logo. Once you understand this thing you can stop thinking of your logo and let it be like the way it is.

Switch yourself to other important things:

Once the though changing logo comes to your mind do not nurture it further and try to distract your mind with something else. You should know that as a owner of the business or a company you have a number of important works to do rather than changing the logo.

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Still if you need a change and want to give a fresh look to your brand you can make some changes in the design of your websites, banners, flyers or visiting cards and etc. You can plan some changes in the entire marketing process of your brand and the products or the services. These are some productive steps which can help your business to grow further.

Therefore, from now on whenever you will look at the logo of your brand and think of getting divorce from it think twice. Once you give it a second though you will definitely change your decision. But you can make some minimal changes such as colors or shades of color to give a new look to the logo.

The above article is written and edited by Angelina Jennifer from Logo Design Team

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