Using Pinterest – How to Generate a Ton of Traffic to Your Site

It has been said in a recent report that Pinterest drives more traffic to a site when compared Youtube, Google Plus, Linkedin and Reddit. So, how? Before coming into that, first let me showcase few evidential facts about Pinterest. Since 2012, the number of Pinterest users who visit the site daily has gone beyond 145 percent. 70 percent of Pinterest users are female. Above 80 percent of pins are re-pins and not a brand new content. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest user growth is far brilliant. So these are quite important facts about Pinterest.

Now, coming back to our topic, how to generate traffic to your site using Pinterest. There are a plethora of ways to add traffic to your blog or website using Pinterest. Here are few ways to get your sites rank better.

Add Pin It button to your site

Pinterest comes with an option called Pin It button, which can be added directly to your website. Adding ‘pin it’ button on your websites will let your visitors to spread your site with others. With this, your site will be given a more online visibility and exposure. Social sharing buttons like Pin It are known to be a guaranteed start to add traffic to your site.

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Make Use of Pinterest the Maximum

By making use of all the features of Pinterest, you can add traffic to your site. Create your Pinterest account and pin images, pictures or videos from your site. Connecting Pinterest with your Facebook and twitter accounts helps you to share and tweet your pins.

Highlight your Product / Business Name

With Pinterest, it is widely important to claim your business or product name. Ensure that this name of your business is your Pinterest user name, which is limited to 15 characters. The brand name you use must be unique and consistent all through the social media networks.  It is not important whether you are using that account or not. But it is wise, if you had grabbed that name before someone else does.

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Hope these tips help. So don’t wait! Start implementing the ways to add traffic to your site.


Editor noteContributor Riya Sherin is a designer who has a love for creativity and enjoy experimenting with various techniques in web. Her speciality is designing  wordpress photo gallery and develops with best design reviewing.

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