Modern Trends In Furniture 2022

Environmental concerns and the pandemic have shaped our perspectives on all aspects of life, such as furniture decorating. Currently, when we are more likely to be in enclosed areas than outside, we wish to surround ourselves with workarounds that remind us of our closeness to nature. This aspiration has permeated the majority of the ideas that have served as the foundation for the 2022 home furnishings trends. Intrigued? Now it’s time to get into more specifics about them.

Working space zoning

This trend originated in the era of the pandemic when we were all forced to stay at home 24/7 and work in these conditions. Having experienced such an experience, more and more people allocate a separate work area in the home space. Until 2020, a private office in an apartment was the exception rather than the rule. Now it is quite normal to create comfortable working conditions at home.


Just a year ago, buyers gravitated to furniture of square and rectangular shapes with pointed corners. And today more and more people are buying furniture with rounded edges. These are upholstered furniture in the shape of a crescent, and armchairs with round backs.


The time of open cabinets and shelves has passed. Today, the fashion for secrecy prevails: buyers choose wall-to-wall cabinets with blind doors and even without handles. Such interior items create cleanliness, and harmony of space without visible clutter. An even more pretentious and stylish solution when the storage systems match the color of the walls.


This trend has been relevant for more than the first season and it is noticeable in everything: from the choice of furniture to accessories. For example, you can find interior items by Orren Ellis with a minimalistic design or without it at all, with almost imperceptible details. Many people generally prefer storage systems without handles.

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Eco-friendly materials

Furniture made of natural materials is not just a trend, but a good tone in the interior. It gained particular popularity during the pandemic. People spent maximum time in their homes and began to understand how important it is to surround themselves with high-quality interior items. Eco-friendly furniture is just like that. It does not emit toxic fumes and is absolutely safe. It has an impressive service life, it is resistant to damage, and looks premium. And, of course, do not forget about tactility: eco-friendly furniture is incredibly pleasant to the touch.

Glass also refers to natural materials, but not everything is so clear with it. For example, if we talk about glass tables, then this is already a bad thing: it’s better to leave them in the past. But you can use glass as interior partitions.

A combination of incongruous

Eclecticism in the interior is gaining popularity. Moreover, both in the matter of the selection of furniture, and in the combination of polar materials. So, in modern interiors, you are unlikely to find traditional furniture sets. Our grandmothers and mothers gravitated to the perfect combination of all pieces of furniture in one room. And now the trend is furniture of different colors and even styles, peacefully adjacent to each other. If the buyers want to make friends with them, then they can, for example, put interior pillows in the color of the armchair on the sofa. This harmonizes the composition.

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As for mixing materials, it is now popular to mix metal and wood, textiles and rattan. Contrasts can be completely unexpected and bold. This creates a special aesthetic for garden furniture. So, on chairs with a metal frame, fabric cotton braids and fabric pillows look great.

Interior transitions and universal materials

The absolute trend of recent seasons is the patio, which becomes a logical continuation of the interior. Hence the fashion for sofas with wear-resistant textile upholstery, which can stand both in the living room and on the veranda. Yes, the upholstery looks absolutely ordinary, but it’s not. In fact, it is designed specifically for street conditions.

In addition, the trend toward the use of synthetic materials doubles is gaining momentum. They look no worse than natural ones, and often better. At the same time, they are easier to care for, they are not afraid of humidity and pollution.

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2022 Furniture Color Trends

In this regard, let’s highlight the top colors provided by paint businesses for 2022. The current color scheme includes bright and quiet tones for a calm environment. Let’s see which colors deserve your attention.

  • Mustard. This upbeat color will put you in a good mood while adding a splash of color to your space.
  • White. This delicate, blurred, and mildly muted white will provide you with solace and will look great in any traditional or contemporary setting.
  • Green. Soft green with deep and rich notes will help add life and brightness while also creating a soothing environment.
  • Stone blue. The addition of this gentle shade of blue to your furnishings will brighten the room and complement the contemporary look ideally.
  • Incarnadine. This lovely and rich shade of dark red epitomizes present style and aristocracy.

Basic suggestions for 2022 modern furniture

To summarize, the recent furniture trends do not imply significant transformations, but rather small variants, more for renewal than for principal changes. In any case, the following pointers will assist you in staying on top of modern trends and creating harmonious decor:

  • Restore your home furnishings, both structurally and aesthetically. Saving is a major environmental trend, and you can design the furnishings of your fantasies without breaking the bank.
  • Consider using vintage items/ You can try to get the desired outcome yourself or hire experts to do it for you.
  • Try out various textiles and decorations. Sometimes a single extraordinary detail can help to distinguish an interior.
  • Finally, make use of accessories. Decorative pillows, blankets, and chair seats enable you to alter the look of your furnishing much more frequently.
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