Is Social Media Relevant To B2B?

Is Social Media Relevant To B2B?

This is an interesting question to many business owners. They realize the importance of doing social media, but they cannot see how it can add value to their business. For example, will uploading a picture on Instagram improve the business for a customer that provides building supplies for construction companies? The answer to the question ‘Is social media relevant to B2B operations’ is yes. However, not all social media platforms offer the same value. Digital agencies in Melbourne recognize the challenges with B2B social media. In this article, we will walk-through a few social media platforms that businesses can use to add more value to their business.

Is Social Media Relevant To B2B?


LinkedIn is the professional social network platform. Similar to Facebook in many ways, it focuses on boosting the professional network for both the business and the professionals within the business organization. The benefits of LinkedIn for businesses are that it allows you to find, target and connect with other business professionals. In terms of creating pitching opportunities, LinkedIn is a fantastic way to reach these individuals as businesses can register for In mail that allows people to contact users using a cold-approach email.


Twitter can be interesting to generate discovery and authority. The twitter sphere is buzzing with news and content that people are actively seeking to find and engage with by re-tweeting the content. The content can be found with the right use of keywords and hashtags. For businesses that want to create more awareness around their products and services, news, images, product information, points of views and other content types can be shared via a Twitter link. The publication of the link can lead to further discovery in the future that can potentially lead to sales or referrals. The more businesses engage in the activity, the more opportunity they will expose for their business.


Pinterest was originally created with a main focus towards consumers; however there has been a growing trend for businesses to capitalize on the traffic and awareness opportunity that pinners provide. Getting ‘repined’ is a form of being referred. The more referrals, the more trust and value that is perceived by the web user. This also generates traffic and sales for the business as well.


Facebook is primarily for consumer use, however there are still opportunities for businesses to thrive with business-to-business marketing. Creating or targeting interest groups on Facebook can achieve this. For example, for marketing self-storage for companies, Facebook marketing may target people that are decision makers within business organizations for storage requirements. The business’s ad or content can be discovered with Facebook advertising or boosted posts. One question can click on every person mind does affiliate marketing really make money. Additionally, there may be communities such as ‘business discussion groups or forums’ on Facebook where there are active participants seeking the information that you can offer.

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Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform that has built a strong interactive community online with several niche communities. It’s been a challenging platform for people to monetize or create commercial value towards, however there is an opportunity for businesses to carve out their slice of the Instagram success pie. There are success stories where people have built their Instagram accounts to thousands or even millions of followers and then they engage with their loyal followers directly. This can help develop direct sales, direct leads and advocating product and services.


YouTube offers a great opportunity for businesses in a few ways. It is an effective way to gain the exposure of a wide audience and it also gives you a platform to engage directly with your audience via the video. Where businesses need to educate or guide their customers, YouTube provides the perfect platform to achieve this as there are several web users that go to YouTube as the video encyclopedia, to learn new information and skills in regards to products and information.

For businesses, they can also turn it into another potential revenue stream by monetizing their videos. While the monetization from the ads on this channel may not be very high, it still creates the opportunity for people to generate leads to sell products and services from their business or to earn revenue via referral schemes (affiliate schemes).

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Google +

Google has created the platform for both businesses and for general web users. Essentially, Google + provides a network to create and reach out to the other relevant communities within the social networks. This offers businesses the opportunity to increase their exposure to get discovered. Furthermore, review systems and YouTube accounts are built into the social network profile. Should your business receive testimonials, it will be available for potential customers to see that could further improve the perceived value of your business.

Social media is relevant for business-to-business organizations. While the tactics and strategies may differ, the opportunity still exists to gain traffic leads, sales leads and referrals from the platforms.

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