Depositphotos Review: Get Royalty Free Images And Photos

If you are a graphic designer, or a web designer you just can’t live without stock photos. High quality royalty free photos are most important, if you want to impress your clients and give your projects a professional look. Now there are two options to find stock image frequently use Google Image search and other free image search engines or choose a dedicated stock photography site. I would always prefer using the latter because image search engines do not have much variety and a large collection of free photos, so it is extremely difficult to find the perfect photo you are looking for.

If you are looking for free stock photos and royalty free images, I advise you take a look at This is one of the best sites which has a huge collection of royalty free images, vector art, illustrations and they sell images across dozens of categories under a royalty-free license. Here is Some basic & important Feature of deposit photos.

Getting Starting & Search the Images

Depositphotos is easy to understand, sign up for a free account to become a member.  Your first step should be to seek photos. The powerful search engine to find you a few minutes will give you the desired image.

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Advance Searching

This advanced search engine is quite good and you can see the following things and it is useful for members.

  • Search by category,
  • Search by Contributor,
  • Search by Keywords,
  • Search by File Type (Photos or Vector images)
  • Search by Image Size,
  • Search by Color
  • And  also good thing is Search with Adult Filter.

Download the Images Using with Trial Period

Depositphotos also provides you an option to buy an account before you can view them using the trial version. You will be given seven-day trial version. And 5 photos a day storage will be allowed.

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By filling out this form, you can access the trial version.

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Purchasing Plan

You can easily purchase the required images using credits. For every dollar, you will get one credit. The images are available in various sizes, resolutions and dimensions. You can purchase the X Small image for just 0.50 credits, while the value of XX Large photo goes up to 6 credits. You can also purchase the vector image for 9 credits.

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Payment Method

Depositphotos offers 4 different payment options, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card and Visa Electron), PayPal, MoneyBookers and WebMoney. It also offers an unique “Pay-by-SMS” option, where you can purchase credits just by sending a simple text to the given number.

Special Program for Contributors

If you are a professional photographer and have some kind of impressive portfolio of your work, Depositphotos can be some sort of most beneficial destination for uploading the photos and additionally earning along the way. Just forward a e-mail to [email protected] with a link to your portfolio as well as definitely will get back to you.