Fascinate: 2014 The Year Of Smart Glasses!

After the achievement of Google Smartphone nexus 5 and Google tablet computer nexus 10, and now with the Google Glass the company has given some of the best next generation wearable computing device. Google Glass is a research and development project by Google. It displays information in a Smartphone like format hands free, can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands, and uses Google’s Android operating system. The iGlass can connects with iOS Smartphone using Bluetooth and also allow you to control searches, music playback, navigation, and a range of notifications plus a selection of Glass-specific apps.

In this article we will list things we could do with Google iglass.

1. Facial recognition:

Facial recognition

With the help of Google iglass app, that is called MedRef , it was originally designed for hospital employees to identify their patients quickly and know their medications, allergies and medical records at the literal blink of an eye.

Doctors would be able to pull up patient folders with photos, voice and text notes.

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2. Google iGlass Display information:

Google iGlass Display information

If you are in the habit of Googling things a lot, you will find that your task has been made easier by the new Glass. You simply need to ask a question and the device will pull the answer from the internet. For example, you can ask when Kosher Delight was built or to give you a few photographs of the monument and the device will provide appropriate replies on the small screen in front of your eye.

3. Real-Time Language Translation:

Real-Time Language Translation

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Real-Time Language Translation-2

Using technology Google already owns (OCR and Google Translate), Glass could translate foreign signs and menus. Even more compelling is the device’s theoretical ability to translate spoken language into real-time subtitles, effectively eliminating any language barrier between two Glass-wearing individuals. Lots of people are thinking about how learning and using sign language could change too. Pretty powerful stuff!

4. Direction and Navigation:

Direction and Navigation

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Getting directions for driving, cycling, and walking has always been rather easy using Google Maps on our Smartphones, but today Google’s showing off an even easier way. How exactly can it get easier? Using Google Glass and the voice commands to quickly search for, find, and get directions for all your destinations.

5. Biofeedback:


With the right apps and added hardware, Google Glass can have the potential to become the ultimate biofeedback technology. It can let you know how many steps you’ve already taken, your heart rate while jogging, and the number of calories you’ve burned.

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Right now, you’ll be able to get data like this from your Smartphone by installing various health and fitness apps. But with Google Glass, the process will be more seamless as the data will be pushed right into your peripheral vision.

6. Travel Alerts:

Travel Alerts

Google iglass Travel Alerts notification can automatically deliver alerts and informational snapshots about nearby historical landmarks, tourist attractions, restaurants and other local merchants in neighborhoods all over the world. The descriptions of locations flagged by Field Trip are pulled from more than 130 online sources.

7. E-mails and Text Messages:

E-mails and Text Messages

Sending and replying to a text message (SMS) is probably the easiest way to message with Glass. All you have to do is choose from one of the 10 phonebook contacts by either speaking “Ok Glass, send message to Mr. So n’ So.” or navigating with the touch pad. You’ll then be greeted with the familiar voice icon and can speak out your message.

Emails are handled much the same way, only you won’t be able to initiate (yet) an email message, but you can reply. Clicking on an email from your timeline will let you read more, reply, archive, read aloud, star, or delete the email. An option for attaching a photo would be nice, but not possible at the moment.

8. Video Call (Hangouts):

Video Call (Hangouts)

It may be hard to believe, but Google Glass is capable of providing the full Google Hangout experience. In fact, Hangouts on Glass work a lot better than even I expected (providing you have a good data, Wi-Fi connection). Video is clear enough, frame rates look good, and audio is HD quality stuff. I mentioned it before, but Hangout performance depends largely on everyone in the chat’s internet connection, so it’s far from a consistent experience

9. Internet Search Result:

Internet Search Result

A search for “Albert Einstein” brings up this. Glass begins to read and speak the content to you. It continues reading that card even as you move on to look at the rest of the cards. This is a good experience for anyone who wants information about Albert Einstein.

10. Glass now snaps pics with a wink:

Glass now snaps pics with a wink

Google Glass owners have the ability to take photos with a simple wink.

Where it was somewhat obvious a Glasshole was taking your picture by pressing the shutter button on their headset or speaking aloud “Ok Glass, take a picture,” this can now be executed with a wink.


We are excited about Google’s Glass product and hope to see the first units hit the shops in 2014. Most of the apps that are in development right now are related to streaming content from social networking sites, taking videos, and snapping photos. But we are hopeful that some developers can truly think outside the box and maximize the possibilities of the Google Glass.

Will  Google Galss begin replacing mobile phones or are these just a first dip into an ocean of something new and fresh for the next generation?