Essential Tips for Creating a Logo Design

Today we wrote an article and highlighted Some Essential tips for creating a logo design that every designer and beginner should know.

Basically, Logo is a sign or symbol which is used to convey a brief message. It is a main part of marketing. This is used in organization’s letterhead and for publicity material by which the company can be recognized easily. Before designing it, you have to know what a logo is and what it is supposed to do because it isn’t a mark only, it represents a website, company, organization or brand over and done with images, color, shape and fonts. We won’t go for more detail, in short, its importance cannot be denied. So, this post contains essential tips for creating a logo design. It actually depends either you’re going to design it by yourself or hiring a designer. In both, of any kind the situation is, these tips will be helpful to design an awesome logo.

Logo should be Simple

tips for creating a logo

Don’t do too much to design a Logo. I personally put it to all that a Logo should be simple as multi-layered logo is difficult to remember. While simple logo isn’t just easy to see at first glance but memorable as well. Lots of example can be seen like Coca-Cola, Yahoo!, Bing, Google, Burger King and Nike etc.  Check out more Minimalist Logo design Inspiration on our website for Logo Inspiration.

Suitable for wished-for purpose

The most important thing to be kept in mind while creating a logo, it should be suitable for its wished-for purpose. Make sure that with shape & forms you’re going to design a logo exactly narrates to your website or company.

Headway of Design

tips for creating a logo

It matters a lot. When you’re going to design a Logo, two important things are necessary to be written before designing;

  • Keep out the all information about your company, product, website, organization etc. so that logo can be designed according to it.
  • Do research and get ideas for different styles of logo design that also be linked to the design brief. A logo should symbolizes your website or organization fully just in one glimpse.

Selection of Colors

tips for creating a logo

Selection of colors are really very important because color has a huge influence to deliver feelings or message. A traditional product makes statement with Blue color whereas a contemporary culture will go for Red. If we talk about young and optimistic organizations, they are supposed to characterize it with Yellow or other bright colors. Black color made website considered dependable and great. All up to on colors which make whole message complete and sensual. One more thing, don’t use more than two or three colors because excessive use of colors make it difficult to replicate it (in case of changing).

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Selection of Font

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Selecting a Font is as vital as selecting colors. Big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Coca Cola, MacDonald’s and others can be seen having text-only logos. They have made public acknowledgement using text-only logos and they successfully passing on their services no doubt. So, keep in mind that the wrong picked typeface can change the whole message the logo is made-up to deliver while correct type will be mirror image of your product visualization. Don’t jumble your design by using too much or extra stylish fonts. If you want to design a perfect and organized logo, never use more than two fonts.

You can download Free Fonts from our website as well.

Topographies of Logo


A logo can be made of two features, a symbol and a word mark. There are many companies and websites that chose Logotype only like Coca-Cola, Ray Ban, Google, Yahoo! and various others. If organization or website has a distinctive name then you should go for Logotype but if it has common name then Logo mark can be used to identify the company or site.

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It can Works on Dark Background


Logo design beside a white background looks pretty but now a days many companies and sites are working against dark colors as well. Find out more ways to adjust logo on dark backgrounds.

Future Proof Logo

tips for creating a logo

Make your logo future proof because you won’t go for redesigning your logo time by time. While designing a logo, keep this thing in mind not to use of the moment fonts or styles that can date rapidly. Don’t forget to choose colors & fonts as you will need to change it near future.

Probe Yourself


When you finished the logo design, probe yourself either you like that logo design for your client or your client will like it. Don’t do nothing, just make contact with your client and ask if he likes logo or want some changes to be done.

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Sensibility of Logo Colors

tips for creating a logo

In above we’ve discussed that color choice is very important but understanding the sensibility of colors in Logo is essential as well. Usage of color be able to get many meaningful layers. It helps to make your logo design effective.

Special Effects

Be careful using special effects and typeface for the reason that special effects and unnecessary fonts can affect your design badly. Be moderate choosing all the things.

Design something Different

Make a survey and research before designing but never ever copy style & design of others. Being stimulated by other isn’t off beam but copy their ideas and designs aren’t good, you know. Design something new and different with your own style. Keep trying to shape your logo, play with fonts for applying awesome typeface and go for different color mixtures till you discover your own innovative design.

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Hold onto these essential tips for creating a logo that represents your vision. I hope these tips will be useful for designers and beginners as well.