Top 20 iPhone Apps for Women-At least she is responsible to have one!

iPhone application development has journeyed into unexplored territories and all types of needs of users can now be satisfied with iPhone applications. Demographic studies indicate that a large proportion of iPhone users are women. There are a large number of applications which provide very good value and utility to women of all age groups, ethnicities and geographical location. The following are some iPhone apps for women, which they can use to cater to a number of different requirements.

Women Health Workouts

Women’s Health Workouts

Now women have relish on-the-go fitness with this new app. Women’s Health Workouts adds a new dimension to an otherwise boring and mundane exercise routine. It outlines and describes a large number of exercises and workout methods which can be used for overall fitness.

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WebMD Symptom Checker

This helpful iPhone app allows women to accurately assess symptoms of health problems, providing solutions for a large number of different symptoms. It can also be used to keep track of regular prescription habits.

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Yoga Stretch

This great example of iPhone app development makes yoga routines a delightful and pleasant experience. Users can get complete descriptions of yoga routines, along with pictures and audio instructions which they can follow any time of the day.

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The PillThe Pill

Birth control is a sensitive issue and requires   extreme care. This great iPhone app for women gives users   reminders at customized dates and frequencies about taking the birth control pill in the form of email messages or SMS   notifications.

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Stylish Girl

Stylish Girl

This application makes styling oneself easy and even helps users decide on their future purchases. Users have the option of inputting details of the outfits they already own into the software and mix and match them to find good combinations.


This great app allows women to input business card information of contacts and associates, and also has the provision of scheduling and sending customized follow up emails. Handy app which can improve conversions of your business in a quick succession.


Shop Savvy

Another great iPhone app for women, this provides users with the ability to compare prices of a particular item on different stores and decide where to make the actual purchase based on the least price and the proximity of the store.

Pulse NewsPulse

This app makes reading news an interesting activity, displaying different pages and news feeds. There is also the option of sharing important and relevant news through e-mail and social networks.

Period Tracker

Period Tracker

A great way for women to keep track of their menstrual cycles. This application gives users a countdown before their periods begin, and also keeps track of irregularities. Helps women a great deal in maintaining their fitness and prevents from health hazards like menstrual issues.

My Fitness PalCalorie Counter

For those women who are health-conscious and like to watch what they eat, this application can come in quite handy. It has a database which includes complete nutritional information about more than 1 million different food items.



An organizer app which helps women keep track of their day-to-day activities and grocery lists with absolute ease. Women can now enjoy a stress-free shopping while managing their day-to-day activities perfectly.


This application provides financial assistance and alerts, giving users notifications of pending bills and issues warnings when funds in bank accounts dip suddenly. Reliable and worthy choice to have one as it can help notify you about the account drain well in advance.


A great way to locate restaurants and eateries in the vicinity. Contains detailed information along with prices and user ratings and reviews. Women don’t have to worry while entering a new location as they can utilize this app for to locate the restaurants they look out for with ease.

iWedding DeluxeiWedding Deluxe

This great iPhone app for women makes it easy to organize a perfect wedding. It includes elaborate task lists, several budgeting options and a great guest list manager. So, planning a marriage won’t be any more difficult!



A large female following use this immensely popular social photo sharing app that has extensive social media integration and photo editing capabilities. It is an amazing example of high-quality iPhone app development.


Your personal fitness adviser and health specialist, this application can be used to keep track of all forms of exercise routines including walking and jogging and store important health data.

Grocery Gadget

Grocery Gadget

A great way to do away with the handwritten grocery list. This app lets users make elaborate lists which can be reused, tweaked and edited. It is an excellent app it provides option to add new items to the list even if you’ve forgotten a few while listing down prior to shopping.

Dinner SpinnerDinner Spinner

A storehouse of great recipes which can be accessed just by entering the ingredients that you have and that present moment. Also incorporates direct links to grocery stores and adds grocery list functionality.



For women who work freelance, this is the best way to keep track of the time spent on different projects and clients, keeping records and sending them over to clients as proof of work.

Awesome NoteAwesome Note

Awesome note is the only application that combined Note-taking and To-do list which helps you to organize your life with the ability to keep everything.
Especially integrated iOS Calendar and Reminder will gives you to tracking your life plan much easier than before.
Notes, Diary, Birthdays reminder, To-do list, Shopping list, Travel Diaries, Ongoing Project and more with attachable photo, map and drawing.
You can carry out all these features with synchronization in wherever you go.
It has simple and gorgeous graphics, optimized UI for the users, easier and more convenient to use.