Top 5 Online Jobs for College Students

College education has become an expensive dream for the average student who aspires to become a part of the best and the brightest. With college fees hiking every year, students need extra cash not just for the fees but for all the additional expenses that come with being an active member in college activities.

All you need is the same tools and technology needed for studying: a functional computer and (preferably fast) internet connection. For the payment method, a bank account for the online transfer and you are set to start working online from wherever you prefer to be.

  1. Virtual Assistant

This is a job with lots of responsibility and time management since a virtual assistant keeps all the tasks on track without being physical present in an office setting. You would need to virtually manage all the standard office routine tasks like a receptionist or a regular assistant would do. If you are good at communication skills, great time manager, and proficient in the use of basic MS Office Suite, you would be a star at this job. Furthermore, this would give you indispensable experience to understand the basic working of the professional environment and nature of work. If you excel at this, who knows you might be considered for a permanent or a better job opportunity based on this experience. Search for openings on 24/7 Virtual Assistant or Upwork where you could earn up to $20 per hour.

  • 2. Freelance Content Writing

Being a college student means you read and write a lot – that is the same as a freelance content writer, with the only exception that the latter gets paid for it. So why not use the extra time in between classes or over the long weekend to earn some cash? There are a lot of freelancing websites like Upwork, Hirewriters, Fiverr, and Contentmart where you could earn as much as $100 per article depending on your writing skill and style.

The content varies from writing copies for a brand to increase brand awareness, to writing articles for websites, to even dissertation writing help, where you get paid to write on someone else’s behalf but without any credit. You can also find freelance jobs as a translator, customer service assistant, web researcher, or software developer based on your interest and competence.

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  • 3. Youtube (Vlogging)

Vlogging combines a number of basic traits (handling camera angles, well-versed on the current trends, quick-witted) which makes it quite a lucrative and fun way of making some extra cash. If you have an interest in creating media in the form of videos on a topic of your liking and have flair to be in front of the camera, this might just be your true calling. You need to get a considerable number of views on your video content in order to become a YouTube Partner so that your content could be monetized. There are a lot of Youtube ‘celebrities’ now whom you could follow to learn from and launch your own channel.

  • 4. Social Media Manager

As a young college student, you may not realize you are the key demographic for most of the brands out there vying for your attention and brand loyalty. This job brings together the time you spend being on social media and giving you a purpose to spread awareness of a brand among your own social circle as well as the youth demographic around you. If you enjoy being an advocate for your favorite brand, then go for the openings of social media manager for top social media platforms since they prefer hiring young people for this job. You may end up earning up to $40 per hour being online most part of your day.

  • 5. Search Engine Evaluator

Being a search engine evaluator is an analytical job where you are required to assess the workability of a search engine features. You would be provided with specific tasks and keywords to check the efficiency and effectiveness of a search engine and give feedback for further improvement in the backend code. This job could pay up to $14 an hour on websites like Appen but a lot of patience and diligence is required, along with a strong security and antivirus software for your computer in case of bugs.

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Online jobs provide a convenient and reliable way to meet the ends meet while studying full time since the students would be online anyway for their study-related or recreational activities. Why not earn a decent weekly or assignment-based wage on the side to get some extra cash? The best feature of online jobs is most of them are flexible enough to work around your schedule instead of the other way around. As an additional bonus, working online can also serve as an “online internship” of sorts where students get to work on real-life issues and learn skills that would apply directly in the workplace.