WP Themes Revolutionize Web Design

WP Themes Revolutionize Web Design

Without the shadow of a doubt, we are in for an exciting new year where innovative products and services will transform established practices in web design. As time goes by, creative professionals yearn for powerful solutions that offer previously unfathomable features – the more, the merrier.

We are moving forward at a formidable speed. If we took a trip down the memory lane, we wouldn’t have to journey all that far to pinpoint the major crossings of our industry. Just a few years ago, websites sporting heavenly typography were so exclusive, that only designers who fell back on super-sized budgets could afford to deploy them. Even more importantly, web development is no longer the field where designers establish the apparel and feel of the website, and coders do all the heavy lifting to make it work.

Then and Now: WP Website Creation

It’s been a couple of years, and now there is a plethora of inexpensive type kits and free Google Fonts at large, so any WordPress user can help her- or himself to delightful fonts and typefaces. Moreover, contemporary platforms opened the front end for web designers, and introduced shortcodes to support independence from coders.

WordPress themes are definitely keeping up. Now, they make a priority of responsive design, and strive to provide us with plugins and new techniques for responsive image re-sizing, fast image loading, and extracting dominant colors from backgrounds.

We Recommend X Theme


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If you went the full distance and took a good look at every WP theme that presently inhabits the market, you’d never find a better choice for the beginning of this year than X Theme. It’s been a while since ThemeForest stamped it with a ‘fastest selling item’ marker, and now version 3.0 is out of the lab with explosive new functionality: Extensions.

When Themeco set their product loose on us last year, it was a matter of seconds before web designers were queuing up to try the most versatile WP theme yet, and whispering about its comprehensive documentation, satisfying help desk, and of course the high design standards.

As far as we can tell, X Theme offers a clean way to create websites and engage in live preview of everything you do. The navigation, styling, and layout options are surprisingly diverse, and users are entitled to 40 shortcodes and 600 Google Fonts (in all weights and styles).

Scalability in App Development from Prototype to Production

The four so far flawless complete designs cover a lot of ground, and there are many demos to get you up to speed with them. Integrity, Icon, Renew, and Ethos each helps you forge unique websites.


Themeco’s Breakthrough: Extensions


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Premium plugins aren’t alien concepts to any respectable web designer who made it her/his business to create WP websites over the past year. As you well know, a single plugin can be priced between $50 and $200. Themeco developers have been working on a new way to benefit from extended functionality, and we believe they pulled it off with flying colors in version 3.0.

Themeco has integrated some well-known third-party plugins into X Theme, and even came up with their own extensions to case your creative projects with full options. Extensions are optimized to top up website performance, are FREE without question, and the existing dozen could be assessed at $1000. More of them will come, and you need only validate a unique purchase of X Theme in order to feel their full force. Besides, automatic updates are also included with each copy of X Theme, for life.

Enhance Your WP Sites

Sign-up Forms for Champs

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Marketing is a top priority for any website that means business, and since Themeco has your best interests at heart, it carved a smooth path for you to tread on when inviting visitors to register on your website and subscribe to a MailChimp e-mail list.

X Theme users benefit from a stout MailChimp Integration, and so they can easily customize inviting sign-up forms in every detail, and place them in any section of their websites with a widget, shortcode, or template function.

Emphatic Proposals for Readers


Another valuable extension in terms of marketing is the one and only Content Dock from X Theme. If you ever wished to present your website visitors with enticing offers, now’s your chance to get it right once and for all.

Activate this extension, then spot the new widget area on your WP admin panel, and output your content. Since text is the most obvious choice, you can use the innovative shortcodes from X Theme in the process. For usability reasons, displays smaller than 767px won’t allow for a Dock, since the closing button may be out of reach, and it wouldn’t be prudent to overshadow your primary content with an offer.

Connecting Viewers with Content


A website where users don’t make their presence known is soulless. If your content is interesting enough, then you should have a comment system that compliments it and builds credibility. In other words, take matters into your own hands, forget about the old WordPress comment system, and direct your attention to a well-known and much-adored service: Disqus.

Themeco tailored an optimized form of Disqus Comments so you can build an online community for your website, and encourage your viewers to submit comments that are powered and hosted by Disqus.

Imperative Norms and Regulations


Every website on the internet is subject to international laws, which stipulate that a visitor is required to acknowledge and come to terms with certain conditions before they take any measures to sign up. Make sure you inform them on your front porch, namely your homepage.

X Theme enables you to set up a link to your Terms of Use near the registration form, and insert a check box with native integration. Whenever users attempt to sign up without checking that box, they receive a notice that they absolutely must – or abandon their attempt.

Cool Photo Slides


Finally, it’s time to mention a third-party plugin that Themeco modeled to blend in with X Theme. Soliloquy will let you insert beautiful image or video slides on your web page, and slide them simply. It is responsive, lightweight, and draws on a hybrid technology of dynamic asynchronous Ajax pre-loading.

Thinking Ahead

That’s a wrap! You can find out more about X Theme and the other Extensions on the company page. All in all, Themeco is bound to give us a lot more than we bargained for in 2015, so get in touch with their progressive user community and stand by for the most memorable year yet. WP themes like Themeco’s creation inspire web designers to take on more projects this year and get more work done. Join in or you’ll lose out.