5 signs to warn you that your design isn’t good enough

Being a designer you have to face a number of challenges. Among these challenges the perfection in your design matters a lot to any client. If you are doing a good job in your design work, you would certainly get a couple of positive feedback from your clients and fellow designers. However, if your design lags behind the expected quality yardsticks nobody would tell you the flaws in it; you simply lose the further business or can be penalized by some other ways. The following are the top five signs which shouldn’t be there in your design to embark with a perfect website design. If you find any of these, try hard next time to get rid of these to be a successful designer.


1). Auto-play media

Putting unnecessary long and unavoidable automatically playing media or music can be the most irrigating thing for visitors who visit any site to get information. There is no point in playing any music when people want to read or look at the pictures over your website. Although the flash intro can be an effective way of presenting your ideas and give better impact over your visitors, but it is all about the ways and methods you adopt to present them. So while the visitors browse your website and open a new tab if he or she suddenly finds a new page emitting sounds, this can certainly create a great irritation and thus proves out to be a poor design.

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2). A launch homepage


This is when your site first loads in the browser with an entry page carrying some graphics (which is usually animated) along with a vague enter or continue links which needs visual location and pressing to move on to the actual content of your website. If your website design is based on such pattern then it can be termed as an extra hurdle or barrier for the visitors who have to struggle to enter your website. The flash based websites are considered to be as utterly notorious for this and people would hardly bother to move inside such sites.


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3). Interrupting the browser behavior

Another sign of poor design is when any visitor while using a tabbed browser opens a new tab and out of blue sees the window bumping and everything getting resized. The worst part can be to see the website or the web application doing this again and again every time the visitor loads a new web page within the site even after sizing the window. This is generally due to the improper use of target=”_blank” in the automatic opening of the link in a new web page. Hence anything which disregards the users’ system environment can be termed as big flaw in website design.


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4). Improper Legibility & Readability


Nobody would come to a site which gives strain to their eyes to read the content. Hence it is very important to check the fonts and colors you use in your web design. A lack in contrasting colors between your type and background can create a huge legibility issue. The content should stand out clearly and color in the design should complement each other aptly. The text size which is too small can be a problem for visitors who belong to older age categories. It is often suggested to use modern and fresh fonts which are crisp and clear enough to be utilized for bodies of the text.

There are number of website designers who hardly consider the factors of legibility and readability to their text. To put things perfectly, these two functionalities should be made redundant; this will help the readers to save time and increases the reading pleasure.

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5). Improper visible hierarchy

You can see information hierarchy complemented by proper typography and solid grid in all the major print publications like books and magazines. The very same idea is applicable to the website design which is ironically ignored by many designers. You can see other aspects like legibility, CSS and markup things up to the mark but the content part can be seen dumped down with no or little amount of delineation between the different content types on the webpage.

Proper content requires a consistent and extra merit for pleasing visual hierarchy to get the factor of scan ability. As most of the visitors simply skim for specific details which could be either one paragraph or a single line hence ignoring the factor of visible hierarchy can bring in another flaw to your design.

These top five flaws discussed above can be annoying thing for any visitor coming to your website designs. If you are looking forward to embark as a competent website designer, you should get rid of these signs without fail.