Google Ranking Factor Every Beginner Need to Know

Google Ranking Factor Every Beginner Need to Know

Are you a beginner and you wish to make your website appear at the top of Google’s searches? Your website can appear at the top in searches that match with your content. Yes, it is very possible if you understand what it is that you need to work on.

Google is a search engine that is accessed by millions of people at every minute for a quest of information. Therefore, you need to know what to do in order to capture most of the audience and at the same improve your rankings and business. Here are the factors that determine Google ranking factors.

Content Page

The content page is very important. It serves a pivotal role in determining Google rankings because that is what the user is interested in. This means that as a beginner, you need to make content that is super good, in order for your page to stand a chance of competing favorably. Your content needs to be in demand and likable. Just as it is in the case of marketing, information works on supply and demand. The best content is the one that is informing and attracts a large demand. You must make sure that your content supplies to a huge demand of people. The title of your content needs to be creative and logical in regard to the content. Also, the content needs to be optimized. Google searches rely on keywords and phrases that signal the topic in your site. Make sure that you make use of the keywords and phrases.

Security and Accessibility

You need a good URL that is easily reachable and secure. The users need to navigate your website with ease and safety.

This means that the website needs to be coded well and appropriately. It needs to have a sitemap that documents your pages and information in a pleasing manner. The URL has to be structured and written well in order to enable the search engines to categorize your site to relevancy.

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Page Speed

Page speed is another determinant factor for Google ranking. It is better when the users get to experience services that are fast, fulfilling, and efficient. Your site needs to load fast in the computers and phones. If your content is good, and the site accessibility is easy and safe, speed will act as the catalyst in pulling a huge traffic of users. This will play a role in improving the rankings of your page.


The web is built on links. This therefore means that if your site has significant links it will stand a better chance of ranking at the top. There are three types of links namely: inbound links, outbound links, and internal links. Google mainly uses the inbound links in determining the rankings of a site.  Ensure that your content is good and informing so that you get a lot of inbound links on your content from the big social institutes. Also, through outbound links, you can link your site to authoritative pages for the purpose of securing trust and attracting users

Domain Factors

A domain that is older is perceived by Google to be more trustworthy than a new domain. So if you are interested in starting a site, you better start early and be patient. Make sure that your domain sets a clean history by following the rules and standards set in order to avoid penalization. Ensure that you appropriately put a country code in your site domain. This will aid your site to rank better in regards to the target region that matches with your content. This works best for the content that is specific for a certain country. It serves a significance in making use of the target users.

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Trust and Social Signals

If your site has a lot of high quality links, it tends to gain a solid trust with Google. This ascertains that your site is reputable, trustworthy and authoritative. Consequently, your page will stand a high chance of topping in the searches.


What you need to know according to the tips provided is that the content, architecture of the site and trust factors play a big role in deciding ranking factors in Google.

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