Choosing the Optimal Website Platform for Your Business

website platform for your business

We are sharing an article that will let you know that how you can choose the optimal website platform for your business.

For any business to grow and operate successfully, the business needs to have a good, solid foundation to grow from. When it comes to managing your business on the web, it is incredibly important to invest in the optimal web platforms that will keep your website secure and allow your web business to perform to and exceed your expectations. We have provided the following tips for developing your optimal website platform for your business.

website platform for your business

Partner with a reliable web hosting provider

Your business’s web presence will depend on the reliability and performance of the web hosting provider that you will partner with. Prior to investing in an Australian web hosting provider, the business must identify their specific web hosting needs. The business needs to ask the following questions to narrow down the type of web hosting service they will need to invest in. These questions are:

  • Does the website require a lot of storage space?
  • Does the website require a lot of bandwidth?
  • Does the website require additional security measures?
  • Does the website management require additional controls?
  • Does the business have a large or small budget to dedicate to their web hosting activities?

Depending on the answers, the business should be able to narrow down their choice to one of the following web hosting solutions. This includes:

Shared Hosting

Cheap Shared Hosting

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where the website is hosted on the same physical server as other websites. The space and bandwidth are usually shared. This means that the bandwidth, website speed and performance can be impacted by the other websites that appear on the platform. A shared hosting solution is usually the cheapest web hosting solution and is a good entry option for most new businesses. It is important to check the reputation of the web hosting company for their website uptime, downtime and customer support. Additionally, the security on shared web hosting is managed by the web hosting company. If you need additional security requirements, it will be at the discretion of the web hosting company.

Physical Dedicated servers

managed dedicated hosting

If you have additional budget, then it is ideal to get a physical dedicated server as it would be best dedicated hosting. You can purchase a physical dedicated server to be managed onsite in your business or managed by the web hosting company. Ideally, you will have it managed by your web hosting company due to costings and scalability. In some cases where businesses require their servers to perform more complex functions, a physical dedicated server onsite is the best option for them. The security levels can be managed in managed dedicated hosting and the web space and bandwidth will be dedicated on the hardware device.

Why Is Resource Management Important?

Virtual Private servers

Virtual Private servers

Are another handy option that’s also cost efficient. Similar to dedicated servers, they are virtual machines (virtual private server hosting) that run as server operation. While the function benefits are pretty much the same, one of the drawbacks is that if you need any physical server connections such as dongles or USB sticks, this won’t be possible. It is also wise to invest in a few virtual private servers to backup your server data.

Domain hosting provider.

It is important to partner with a domain hosting provider that will keep you up to date with any changes and messages regarding your web domain. One of the worst nightmares for business owners is to lose their web domain simply by failing to renew their domain registration. Additionally, configuration to the domain hosting company’s name servers should be straight forward as well.

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Use of CMS

The CMS platform that is being used can create a heaven or hell scenario for the business. It is crucial that the business gets it right the first time as future changes could prove costly. The business will need to determine their CMS needs and the ease of functionality and accessibility. WordPress offers a good entry level system, however as things become more advanced, businesses may look into other web commerce solutions such as Shopify, Web Commerce, BigCommerce and Magneto. Before investing into your CMS platform, be aware of the initial investment costs and any ongoing support costs.

It is important to develop the optimal website platform for your business. The wrong investment can become a real hindrance to your business’s online growth and success. Choose wisely and allow the right website platform to bear the fruits of your labor.

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