Project management tools play a very important role in business collaboration. The outcome of a project is highly affected by initial planning and implementation, as all the work is based on the employees who have to communicate and create the workflow. Web based collaboration tools are the choice of hundreds of entrepreneurs and large organizations, as these tools maximize the productivity and help designers to control their projects in an effective manner. With project management tools designers can keep track of their projects, manage their team, schedule work, monitor work progress, upload files, send invoices and do many other activities.  All these features make these tools almost essential.

There are a variety of project management tools, most of which are general purpose tools and are not aimed at a particular industry. There are only a few project management tools that are aimed at a specific industry. These tools are readily available and are of good quality. Some of these tools have built-in bug and fault tracking features. Others have basic project management features that help you to monitor the work progress and keep track of the team members. These tools are relatively easy to use and set up. Below are some of the best project management tools that are targeted directly to web developers and designers.



Bitrix24 is the best collaborative project management tool that provides users with various collaboration facilities such as tasking, document sharing, CRM, calendaring, search, project management and many more. These facilities are integrated in social environment by content sharing, linking, commenting and incorporating user profile. It is available in self-hosted version as well as cloud sharing.

Features and benefits – The key features of Birtrix24 are – it provides free desktop apps for video calls, free mobile apps for iOS, CRM, creating and editing documents, instant search, network drive mapping, e-learning, employee search, web forums, counters, checklists, extranet, work groups, task reports, calendars, work reports and many more.

The key advantage of using Birtix24 is that designers get all the best features from Zoho, Dropbox, Yammer and so on. Business owners can easily solve the problem of communication, time management, reporting, team work, CRM, document sharing etc without much effort.



RedMine is one of the best project management and bug tracking tools that allow users to handle multiple projects as well as their deadlines. With more than 80 major installations across the globe, users enjoy it and feel like giving it back to the community. It even supports complete project life cycle, which help users to start with a desired area. Designers need to pay only for what they need.

Features and benefits – RedMine offers a broad array of project management features such as issue tracking, Gantt chart, file management, pre-project planning, and time tracking functionality, pre-project forums, user self-registration, multiple databases, multiple languages, plug-ins and many more. One should try RedMine as it is an easy to implement, open source software. It is also lean & extensible. The features of RedMine can grow according to the requirement of your project.

The main advantage of RedMine is that the features can work as separately installable extensions. Designers can even get benefitted in terms of project installation, delivery, sustainability, back office process and personal management.



Asana is a web based project management tool that allows team members to communicate without email or any other software program. This project management tools is available free for teams up to 15 people. For larger teams or entire organizations, premium plans in paid versions are available. This program helps team members to plan and manage their tasks without the need of email or outlook. One can do more work done with less effort as this tool puts all the tasks and conversations together.

Features and advantages – It has numerous features such as – project handling, tags, notes, workspace, notes, comments, inbox that manages all the information in real-time and so on.

The key benefit of Asana is that it is integrated with a variety of productivity tools such as – Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Harvest, Instagantt, ZenDesk, Jira and many others.

Zoho Office Suite

Zoho Office Suite

This is another great tool that contains a broad array of spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, databases, wikis, project management, customer relationship management, invoicing and other applications. It uses an open faced user interface for a variety of products such as – Sheet, Show, Creator, Meeting and so on. Designers can monitor progress of each task by associating milestones with each of them. You can even create and share project files and design documents with your team.

Features and benefits – Users can import files and documents from various applications like Microsoft Office and Photoshop. The drag and drop feature allows you to simply drag the pictures in your project space, and they will be instantly visible to all the team members.

The main advantage of this tool is that the team members can come together to discuss important topics, share ideas and resolve problems in real time. Project managers will be updated about the pending tasks, be it a document approval or a timesheet approval; one will get notifications for the same on their personal project space.



This is a free web based project management tool that operates as a free business model. It has numerous features such as – support for tags, has an API, supports iPhone and Android platform, accessible in a variety of web browsers, and so on. Users are allowed to organize the projects by making use of boards, lists and cards, etc. that facilitate project management in an effective way. Besides software project management, it has several other uses such as real estate management, school bulletin boards, law office management, and lesson planning and so on.

The use of web based collaboration tools have not only helped designers to overcome various challenges, but now they can also collaborate with the team to plan, organize, and deliver projects of all sizes in an effective manner.

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