5 Free Productivity Apps That’ll Trigger Custom iPhone App Development

Custom iPhone app development is a rage these days due to the non-stop demand for new and innovative app by iPhone users. This article takes you through some free productivity apps, that’ll inspire developers to create custom iPhone apps (for the productivity category).

No matter for which platform they are developed, Productivity apps will never go out of demand. Be it a stay-at-home mom, a high-flying business executive, a college student or even a retired person, everyone needs them on their smartphones.

Let us go through some of the free productivity apps for iPhone users, which can inspire developers and trigger custom iPhone app development (for this particular category).


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i-Ruler is the first and the most simple app in this list. As the name indicates, it lets you measure anything and everything by turning your iPhone into a ruler, which you can use anywhere. All that you need to do is install it on your iPhone and tap it. Doing this will convert your iPhone into a virtual ruler that helps you measure length in ‘cm’ or ‘inches’. The best part? This app doesn’t contain any annoying ads and if you upgrade the app, you’ll get more ruler types.


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How many of you have used their mobiles as ad-hoc flashlights at least once? I am sure that all of you must have tried it at some point or other isn’t it? So, wouldn’t it be great if you get a Flashlight app for your iPhone? So, you can try using the Flashlight app on your iPhone. Tap to turn on this useful app, which has a built-in SOS signal, an intuitive and elegant UI design, Strobe mode with 10 different frequencies and an Always-on compass.

(A word of warning: Continued use of flashlight can decrease the battery life of your iPhone)

Find Me Gluten Free

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Want to go on a Gluten-free diet even while you are dining out? Well then, your wait is over. Just install the “Find Me Gluten Free” app on your iPhone, which helps you find various Gluten-free restaurants and related items easily.

For instance, you can use it to view ratings and reviews of various Gluten-free restaurants, menus, get directions or call the restaurant to make reservations! Also, you can view allergen lists of various chains and fast food restaurants. Use this app today and enjoy that Gluten-free pizza, find bakeries, fast food joints, and local businesses and do much more!

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Find My Car

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Have difficulty in locating your car after parking it? Then it’s time to install the “Find My Car” app on your iPhone. This app uses GPS location services to help you find your car, so that you can reach it immediately after finishing your work (this app uses Augmented Reality feature, which makes it all the more interesting and intuitive for the users).

All you need to do is follow some simple steps to find your car:

  • Open the app and save your car’s position on the map.

(Alternatively, you can also take a picture of your car and give a short description of the parking spot)

  • To find your car when you are done with your work, just open the application and locate your car’s last saved position on the map.

The best part of this app is that the distance to your car is displayed in real time, as you walk on the street. Also, you can check out the best walking direction to your car in the parking from your current location.

ScanLife Barcode Reader – QR Code & UPC Scanner

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Barcodes and QR codes are everywhere and we come across them . So, the ScanLife Barcode Reader is a handy app which unifies all your requirements (scanning QR codes or bar codes) at one place. All you need to do is to log in, scan and save the results.

Some prominent features of this app are – related deals and coupons, related accessories, nutritional information and ingredients and even the option to buy the product in a few clicks. Additionally, you can share the content of your QR code or UPC code via your Facebook or Twitter account and email it to yourself for reference.

(The new version of this app is visually optimized for iPhone 5 with updated permission settings for iOS 6)

In conclusion

These are some iPhone apps, which you will definitely find useful at some point or the other in your life.    And if you are a developer, then I am sure, these apps will inspire you to develop more interesting and engaging productivity apps for your end-users.