A Few Tips For Securing Joomla Site

Joomla Component is the integral part of the Joomla functionality and it is ingrained in the central body  position that is inscribed by the template developer. It is generally offered with a combination of vital components like news feeds, banners, web links  and contacts. The developers can also utilize the  external source as well as  the 3rd party components for developing a content management system. Being the most effective  open source CMS system, it can be used to develop range of applications  which  can be run on different types of operating systems and software platforms. If you want to abate the uploading time of all the web applications, then using of Joomla components can be the best option. With the help of  Joomla components, one can build a specialized features, functionalities and content management system which can be instrumental in generating huge traffic on your website. By  installing this system you can push  e-mail campaigns, keep backup for the website and execute databases with an ease.

But along with building the best featured  applications, it is also the agreed  fact that Joomla is vulnerable to different types malware and virus threats. So to  protect your site from all types of possible  threats, it is important for you to follow a few tips for securing the web platform. These tips are as follows:


Appropriate Hosting Environment: 

For running a website, you need to have a well configured server. You should host your site on a server that runs PHP in CGI  mode with su_php. PHP will be operated under own account rather than on the universal  Apache user. Additionally, you don’t need to embrace the insecure permissions like  CHMOD777.

Modify the Prefix Database:

The developers  in order to  secure the Joomla website should modify the database and prefix to something that is  more feasible. This initiative will prevent your website from most of  the SQL injection attacks forged  by the hackers who try to breach the admin  details from jos_users table.

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Deactivate FTP Layer:

While developing a website, there is also no need to install or enable the FTP  layer that will open up the potential security  hole since your important configuration are saved under a Joomla configuration file.

Modify the User Name of Super  Administrator:

When you are done with installing the Joomla  CMS  platform. Your next and the most important job is to modify the user name of the super administrator and  make it something like John, Smith or Samantha.

Use Strong Password:

To protect your details from getting breached, you should create a good password  strength. The  password should be developed in such a way that any external user is not able to crack your admin details. You can also use password  protected  directory to save the outsiders  from reaching to your admin details. Every Joomla administrator should have a Joomla admin password which can provide them a perpetual security. The PHP web application development professionals should remember all these vital  points and implement them at the time of site creation.

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