5 Easy Ways to Attract Potential Freelancing Clients

If you are new to the world of freelancing, you may find it challenging to attract new clients. You are on your own when you work as a freelancer. Your own efforts determine how successful you are in landing freelance clients. Regardless of how booming your business is, it’s important that you maintain your current client base and attract new business to ensure ongoing success.

It is especially important to regularly find new freelance clients if repeat business is not typical in your industry, as is the case with wedding planners, for example. Getting freelance clients is the key to maximizing your business potential. Whether you begin your search for a new design or content client by surfing designer jobs through Lensa or you’re trying to reach a larger audience on social media, the key is to take action. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to attract more freelancing clients.

Online Platforms

Getting freelance clients is as simple as posting your resume on a freelance job board. A lot of companies are looking for freelancers for upcoming projects and list positions on freelancer-specific sites.

Job board sites like Freelancer or Upwork can help you in your search for new clients. On most boards, companies from various industries post job listings and wait for qualified freelancers to apply. You will need to upload your professional CV and be prepared to make a proposal or a competitive offer to new clients.

Social Media

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There is no doubt that small businesses love Facebook. Facebook’s ad platform is one of the best around. It is possible to run ads that are targeted directly at the clients you wish to attract new freelancing clients. In order to expand your network, you may also choose to join one of the impressive collections of niche group boards that are available on the platform.

LinkedIn has long been a great resource for networking with others in your field or for finding a job. Since the beginning of the decade, LinkedIn has evolved into one of the best places for freelancers to learn how to get clients.

There are certain platforms that may be more convenient to use than others, depending on the kind of freelance work you do. Due to Instagram’s highly visual nature, freelance photographers may prefer it over Facebook. Get word-of-mouth marketing going by connecting with new clients on the platform that makes the most sense for you.

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Email Marketing

You can promote your business by getting into potential clients’ inboxes. The importance of these owned media channels can’t be overstated because they don’t depend on organic search rankings, and they will allow you to reach your audience directly. 

In order to build your own community, a pop-up builder is a simple way to get started with the process. Whenever someone visits your website, you will be able to see a notification asking them to enter their email address for a downloadable asset or discount. There is no better way to build your email list than doing this method, as it will not take much time or effort.

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By sending out interesting and consistent content, you can inform potential clients about your actions. The process can be done manually or by using a solution like MailChimp that allows you to automate the task. There is also the option to collect email addresses at local networking events or to purchase an email list that has been legalized. A third alternative is to use a website for collecting business email addresses to expand your contact list by collecting their emails.

Quality Website Content

You can demonstrate the value of what your business can provide to your clients by creating a professional website. If you post your portfolio on your website, potential clients will also be able to see some of the work that you have already done in the past. This information can be found on the portfolio section of your website, along with client reviews and testimonials.

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Your blog should be optimized for search engines to make it easier for people to find you when they are searching for your services. You increase your chances of attracting potential clients by creating a blog that answers industry questions. High-quality and engaging website content is the key to building your freelancing brand and attracting new clients. SEO content on your site will help boost your search engine ratings, increasing its visibility.


When it comes to achieving your goals as a freelancer, you may want to consider joining a coworking space. Renting a spot at a coworking space can be a great way to expand your network. A coworking space is an office where a variety of different organizations have employees working together, alongside freelancers. A desk or an office can be rented, or you can just pay for a place to enjoy meeting people and engaging in industry conversation. Fellow coworking colleagues may know someone who needs your services, even if they don’t need them themselves. You are more likely to be hired for a job if you have strong relationships.

Networking events are easy to find in major metropolitan areas like New York or San Francisco. This type of event is held by companies or industry organizations to attract professionals or to garner good press. Freelancers should definitely look for events like this in their area. These types of events exist, even in smaller towns. Make sure your business cards are up-to-date and go shake hands with some industry peers.

Some might prefer networking online rather than in person. If you would like to communicate with others virtually, you can participate in online forums or groups. Many popular forums, including Reddit, do not allow you to promote your business directly on their website, so you need to be careful about this. However, you could participate in these forums as an informed participant and answer people’s questions.

For a freelancer, attracting new clients is one of the most important things on their to-do lists. There is no sales team that focuses on bringing in new business when you work as an independent freelancer. Give some of these strategies a try to help you attract potential freelancing clients and grow your business.