How to Succeed As a Freelance Designer

In a modern world, there are great many chances for every type of specialist. No matter if you are an aspiring graduate or an expert, you are not necessarily to be bound to an office desk or limited by fixed working hours. Today, the sphere of freelance jobs is on the rise and opportunities are truly endless. Design is one of the largest areas for a young specialist or an experienced professional to build their career the way they like and realize their creative urge to the maximum. There is really a high demand for designers, yet, the competition is pretty high either since the market is saturated with offers.


Are you tired of your job and think of working for yourself as a freelance designer but don’t know where to start from to become a successful freelancer? Along with undoubtedly attractive benefits of being your own boss, working from your home, and planning your own working hours, freelancing is also related to some traps and pitfalls.To stand out of the crowd and succeed in this job, you should know how to sell yourself and get clients ,and there are some basic rules to follow to reap all the benefits of freelancing.

Build up your “toolbox”


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No designer arsenal is complete without a top-quality  laptop and the curved monitor to workout every project detail and achieve professional results. Invest in specialized software you will really use on a daily basis. Though there is a lot of free software available for online use or to be downloaded, sometimes, using premium tools can make you much more productive. As a result, it will pay off over and above. All of these are vital things a designer cannot do without. Even making some sketches on paper, you will need professional tools to join all your ideas into a single project and visualize it for the customer.

Sell yourself

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To get clients you should look like a reliable and skilled specialist. A thoughtfully created portfolio is a designer main asset that proves your qualification and allows the customer to see and estimate your creativity and approach. Create your own blog or website to represent yourself in the best way and update it regularly to maximize its value. Set up your own style or brand and use it for you portfolio,website, CV, business cards, etc.

Create your client network


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No business, whether small or big, is possible without customers. Attracting clients, making them trust you, winning their loyalty, and turning them to your regular customers are the most challenging and the most important tasks to succeed as a freelance designer. Advertise yourself in social networks, sign up for special freelance and job sites, connect with people through friends and family. Don’t be afraid to contact people and offer your services.

Be professional

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The world of design is very unstable. Main trends, styles, and approaches are constantly changing. To keep up with those changes and stay up-to-date, you should continue improving your skills, expand your knowledge, and study innovations since at the end, professionalism is your primary client getter.

Don’t forget about effective time management

Managing your working hours by yourself is seamingly simple. Yet,in practice, it often leads to chaos and lack of time. Plan your working weeks ahead to meet deadline and have enough time for everything. Use organizers, online time management services and apps to control your work schedule and keep all your projects on track.


Though there is no single strategy that will work for everyone, if you are bold, creative, and professional, it is definitely worth trying to launch your own business. Start today and make a step towards the job of your dream.