Frameworks: The Best Approach For Mobile Phone Applications

Technology has always been highly useful for the people. It has provided myriad products to the world since its evolution. And every invented product has been highly useful for the people. The things which were thought impossible in the past can be now seen conveniently in the society.  Many of them have just left the people speechless, due to their astounding features and mode of operation.

The pace of technology has been incredibly high during the recent years. Many lucrative and prolific inventions have happened which have really changed people’s way of living. Many of these inventions are unavoidable necessities of the society now. Technology has made its reach to every field of the society either technical or non-technical. This is for sure that its development would be a never ending procedure. And of course one could expect for many more surprising inventions from this field.

One of the best areas of applications of technology has been the mobiles devices and other likewise gadgets.  These devices since their invention have always been the buzz in the society. They have a new direction to the mode of communication. Gradually, these devices became more useful with the implementation of various surprising features. They have managed to catch the sight of feature.

The success of these devices led to their abundance. Ample of mobile devices are available in across the globe. They could be found anywhere. It’s truly astonishing that a small device is equipped with so much of features which include camera, radio, calling and messaging function, internet access, file transfer system, trackers, GPS and various other configurations. Moreover, many more configurations are still on their process to be deployed in the devices.

Analyzing the success, many companies stepped into this field, with their manufactured mobile devices for the people. Some of these companies have been very highly accredited for their manufactured devices. In fact people have always waited for the new version of devices from these companies. Well, a high productivity could be seen in the field of mobile devices. Every now and then, new devices with captivating features are being launched into market.

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The access of mobile phones has gone highly convenient to the people. If a user is tired of using his mobile phone then now could very easily opt for purchasing a new phone with more features and specifications and at highly competitive prices. The journey from alphanumeric keypads to complete touch interfacing phone has been highly impressive. In fact one could also expect for another revolutionary trendy feature in the field of mobile devices.

This field has gradually become highly provocative for the especially for mobile brands while, customers are in advantage. Since the cellular phone companies are rapidly producing various versions of mobile phones, the customers due to this reason get too much of options. If they are not satisfied with the installed features, then they could look out for cellular phones in the same ranges or higher.

One of the features which users look out in the mobiles these days the most is the installed applications. Mobiles have now been upgraded. They are no more just a phone, but they have improved to far much better extent, then what they were earlier. Now the people could easily “tweet” or “like” from their mobile phones or they could upload their videos on You Tube. Furthermore, they could also watch live TV.

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All these are now easily possible because of the installed applications. This again becomes convenient because of the mobile operating systems.  Let’s face it. We have known of various popular mobile phone operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows. A majority of developers design their applications using these operating systems, because of their provided interfaces and platforms.

But did you know? Anyone aware with HTML, CSS, JavaScript could conveniently build mobile application. This is due to the portability feature provided through compiler, through which the application could be deployed on various platforms. This feasibility feature has provided a better scope to the developers. Well, this has become possible due to the available frameworks. Let’s have a closer look to some of them.

JQuery Mobile

This framework is basically known to build cross mobile platform app. Further, it also supports some of the other platforms including regular desktop, smart phone, tablet and likewise.

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This framework is specifically meant for providing JavaScript APIs which connect to the native function of device including Camera, Compass and Contacts. It could install the platform which it supports including iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Sencha Touch

Powered by HTML5 and CSS3, it provides APIs, animations and components compatible with current browsers and mobile platforms. Further this framework provides a set of theme for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.


Being used by Twitter as an internal tool for creating mobile application prototype, this framework has been publicly released as an open source project. It comes with a collection of user interface and JavaScript plugins for creating simple mobile applications.

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When the performance of an app is concerned then this framework comes into scene. It is an HTML5 mobile framework which require no JS library. It finds its best compatibility with Angular.Js for designing interactive application.

Apart from these exclusive frameworks, there are many more, through which excellent applications could be designed. Further, they provide a better scope to application developers too. Click here to view more frameworks for mobile applications.