Spice Up Your Website with Parallax Scrolling Plugins and Tutorials

You might have enjoyed playing Mario with your friends. The way he runs and jumps and saves the princess is what we have grown up with. However, did you ever imagine how exactly does the background and foreground work to produce something that changes with the angle of viewing? This is exactly what parallax scrolling is all about.

Parallax scrolling is an interesting technique that allows you to scroll. And when you scroll, the background images make you feel that the objects in the background or the background itself changes due to the shift in perspective. The background images actually move slower than the foreground images making an illusion of depth in 2D. In short, parallax is used to gain depth perception. To give you a basic example of parallax, you can find it in your car speedometer. The needle style speedometer shows speed 60 kmps when viewed from the driver’s seat. On the other hand it would show slightly different speed when viewed from a different angle.  This is what we refer to angle of viewing or perspective view.

Today, the trend to build parallax scrolling websites is in vogue and web designers are constantly putting their efforts in coming up with something new every time. This single page website has a lot to offer in terms of visualization as well as usability. However, there are many designers who are unaware of this amazing technique and so, this article will mainly focus on how to build great parallax scrolling websites.

Why Use Parallax Scrolling Effect?

We usually come across a bunch of article which list down some amazing parallax scrolling websites that have inspired a lot of them to build the same. However, very few actually tell us why we should choose using parallax scrolling or single page website, which is currently the latest web design trend.

This effect has a highly interactive nature and thus, there are certain obvious advantages. Listed below are 10 great reasons to use parallax scrolling in your web design.

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Presenting a Product

This is a much practical benefit of using a parallax scrolling technique. The technical advancements of this technique enables website owner to allow his visitors to interact with the site and explore innovative products.

3D Presentation of Product

This technique allows you to present your product in 3D using your unique scrolling behavior. It uses large white spaces that draw the attention of the user toward the product.

Demonstrate the benefits

It has a great way of demonstrating the product and services in form of a story. When you start scrolling, there is no turning back. You will just want to complete the story till it ends.

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Adding Scope to Product

Parallax scrolling allows you to add more scope to the products displayed on the page. You can actually add different elements that come with different product pictures to highlight a certain sphere of the category of product displayed.


One good quality about parallax scrolling is the way it keeps the viewers engaged and interested in the entire act. It is like telling an interesting and interactive story which is obvious to end interestingly. It also allows the viewers to take control of the scrolling.

Interactive Comic Book

You can create great digital comic books using the parallax scrolling effect. It is fun reading a scrolling book than having to turn each page every time.

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Like I said in the previous points, it is pretty obvious that parallax scrolling is kind of engaging. Because of the interesting layout and the interactive nature, it keeps the viewers engaged making them feel positive and more open for your message.

Generating Curiosity

Because it is so engaging, the readers don’t just want to stop scrolling. It generates curiosity among the viewers, inducing them to view further. That way, you can push the most important message to the viewers’ easily, without fearing to lose viewership.

Having Fun with your Website

The new Nike website is a great example of parallax scrolling effect. It lets the viewers have some fun, while consciously making an effort to convey the message to the targeted audience.

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Surprise your visitors

There is much more than mere scrolling that you can actually do with the parallax scrolling technique. The Japanese website of Nissan Note surprised its viewers with trying some different combinations of scrolling. This effect helps you explore multiple spheres in a single page, especially when playing around with the scrolling techniques.

Downsides to Parallax Scrolling

However, there are certain disadvantages of parallax scrolling which need to be looked upon while choosing this technique for designing a website.

  • Complex implementation
  • Usually very large downloads and website file size
  • Slow loading
  • Issues with backwards compatibility
  • Expensive implementations

Parallax Scrolling Plugins

Like we have seen, Parallax scrolling effect is nothing but a grouping of several backgrounds and images and texts. What happens in this effect? The sense of depth is altered every time you scroll.   Listed below are a few plugins which will help you get started with the parallax scrolling effect.

1. jQuery Parallax plugin:  jQuery Parallax plugin is a simulator of the parallax effect.

2. Super Scroll Orama:  This is an amazing jQuery Plugin with scrolling animation and effects. A great tool to capture viewer’s attention!

3. jParallax:  This plugin makes the objects on the screen move in response to the mouse. It also changes the dimensions of the objects the way you move your mouse.

4. jQuery Scroll Path:  This plugin allows you to form your personalized scroll path. Check out the demo of jQuery Scroll Path to clearly understand what it is and how it works.

5. scrolldeck.js:  Like the name suggests, this jQuery plugin allows you to make great scrolling presentation decks. Check the demo for the action.

6. Stellar.js:  No matter what scrolling element you have, Stellar.js is just the right plugin for you.

7. Curtain.js:  Curtain.js enables creation of several fixed panel on a web pages. The benefit with this plugin is that it allows you to use keyboard instead of mouse for navigation. Check the demo for more features of this plugin.

Parallax Scrolling Tutorials

1. Parallax Slider with jQuery:  If you want to create moving backgrounds on your parallax scrolling website, Parallax Slider Tutorial will guide you in the right way. It actually helps to create a great perspective.

2. jQuery Parallax – Animated Header Background:  You can create background effects and manage the animation aspects using jQuery Parallax. Check out the tutorials for a detailed explanation.

3. One page website, vertical parallax:  This tutorial will help in creating a one page website. This effect is usually used to create single page portfolios.

4. Funky Parallax Background Effect using jQuery:  Mario is a good example of horizontal scrolling website. This tutorial will explain how to create a horizontal scrolling website and adding background effects.

5. Parallax scrolling website interface with jQuery and CSS:  Create beautiful background effects with jQuery and CSS. Learn from this tutorial.