Why Should You Start Using a VPN? 5 Main Reasons

Many people think that the only reason to use a VPN is to ensure confidentiality and anonymity on the Web. However, it is in fact not quite true. The service provides a wider range of opportunities for users. Let’s discover the main 5 reasons why a VPN is worth using.

Benefit from 100% Privacy

Virtual private networks have long been used to provide privacy on the Internet. They guarantee confidentiality for Internet users. How does it work? The program creates a digital tunnel through which your traffic is redirected, protecting your connection from the third parties. This is because your connection is conducted through remote servers, masking your IP address, often with the addition of encryption and other security techniques. This makes it almost impossible for other people to identify you, your network, and get more info about your real location.

Watch YouTube without Speed Decrease

The data transfer speed is very important for users, and Internet providers often slow it down. So there are even sites that measure the speed index of different Internet providers that you can use to test the effectiveness of connections between different Internet providers around the world. If you want to watch videos or movies on YouTube or other platforms without annoying disconnections, buffer or other obstacles, then a good VPN is your reliable helper.

Play Online Games without ISPs

Internet games in streaming video mode also require high connection speed. Given that game manufacturers often use BitTorrent to send updates and fix bugs and Torrent traffic greatly increases the load on the network, it’s no surprise that ISPs begin to “throttle” or even block the transfer of data. Using VPN will not allow your ISP to intervene and slow the game speed.

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Watch the TV of Other Countries for Free

The Internet gives an opportunity to watch almost all the television channels of the world. This means that you can watch the original programs aired on ABC, Discovery Channel, and BBC on your computer absolutely for free. You do not have to be in the country where the TV channel is located if you use a VPN.

Avoid Spying

Nobody wants to be spied upon. If you use a home network or work in an office, spying can be prevented. However, if you use a VPN of public places such as an airport, hotel or Internet cafe, then there may be a problem. The fact is that such connections are not encrypted, and your personal data are not protected. If you doubt that you can be spied via the Internet, then just remember how much you know of legitimate applications that allow you to control the pastime of your children, the activities of your employees or your spouse’s contacts.

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