Reflecting The Relation With Your Host Provider With Pros & Cons


If you are feeling happy about the smooth and flawless function about your website then mainly the credit goes to your hosting provider. He is the one checking and making sure of your websites operating smoothly. So by any means, developing a warm and cordial relationship with your host service provider is one humane feature you can consider. It’s not because of the selfish cause that you want your website to remain fully active and that is the reason why you want a small talk relationship with that person. It is one step ahead, it’s about the way of thanking that person which makes your work so easy and efficient and your eclectic browsing experience is due to them.

You have to keep one thing in mind, it does not matter if you are just a client you have to function according to the rules and regulations formulated by your host provider. From your side, in order to contribute, start researching for different hosting plans so that any perilous situation does not arise. Just have a look at this guidelines and in no time you would be figuring out what all to do before you sign up for the host provider service and how to maintain that relation if you already have one.

Don’t Go Hyper on the Prices

Don't Go Hyper on the Prices

Money factor can either generate animosity or gives rise to friendliness, it happens every time when the concept of money is between two persons, either professional or personal. Same is the case with your host service provider, if you find the price high, and then do not get mad about it. In return you are getting the best amount of satisfaction in your surfing experience, keep that thing in mind. It goes like, as you sow so shall you reap. We are aware that this situation is not so easy to handle but the cheap web hosting function is only for the small websites functioning but if you are trying to make a new host from your side then it would give you a zero benefit. Just make sure that you readily check the features available on the hosting package. It won’t have any dire effect on the relationship factor.

However, experimenting is not a bad thing, if you by default find a plan which fits the insides of your budget then just check on it. Try and look if you can host more of domains on the same account or not. The result will be negative, and you have to change your plan and have to give more money. The thought would arise in the mind that searching for a better plan could have saved the matter and you could get a better plan. So in future avoid taking such risks, make sure you check on the comparability of the prices of different hosting plans. The result that you would get will be like this, by paying a few extras every end of the month you would get the additional features that you always wanted. Those features which are not included in the basic plans, like for example

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  • Daily backups in place of weekly backups
  • The ssh option which comes in complete guarantee period
  • Do your payment either monthly quarterly or yearly
  • More databases of SQL
  • Additional sub domain, More than one FTP accounts
  • Easy one button fantastic, more of the privacy factor and 1 and a half months money back guarantee instead of monthly package.


Turns out that this are the advantages you will definitely like to obtain, so just go for it.

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Hope for more Validation of Uptime


If you are considering getting information on this factor, it would be a bit disappointing; however there are figures available which can help you. You have to check on the websites which deal with this numbers if the host is unable to figure it out. You would fervently wish for a hundred person of uptime, but this feels like a miracle and only god can help you in that. The guarantee which is offered stops at 99 percent, so mentally calculate the time period of 8 hours once in a year. If the condition worsens and you get hours and hours of break then it’s time to goodbye to your old hosting service provider. There are websites which offer solution to this problem like Loadimpact. Another way to search for the host provider is to burst into your social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, befriend the service provider or follow the page. There are providers who market themselves on such sites implementing their status like, successful, bad timings, or utter failure and wiped out.

There are types of web hosting plans which include Shared hosting, Vps hosting, dedicated servers and reseller hosting.

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Be Careful while accounting on Shared Host

Shared Hosting

Explore your server pals if it’s possible for you, when you are on a shared plan of hosting then thousands of other websites would be interlinked on your page, so it’s really essential to check on this websites so that there is no danger to yours. One reason is that if one of this unknown website is sending you a spam email, then your site ranking would be gradually degrading itself and on the other side the web hoster would be  try to get the heavy traffic for your website. This could lead to contradicting results.

There are websites which are having torrent files and they are willing to send you, but hold on. It’s quite risky because it would use much amount of space of your bandwidth and in the end you would be left bereft hanging on to the banishment of your server. Now you agree to the fact that the process of shared hosting includes ample of risks but do not let yourself get affected by it. You don’t need to face that problems, just change the hosting provider and the matter would be finished.  If by one percent you have doubts that contemptuous websites are trying to avail your i.p address then immediately contact your service provider.

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At such situations the web hoster provider is the master of your universe, you are completely at his grant, or like his puppet. There is nothing you could do further unless he tells you to do. Make sure that your website is upgraded with system software and security of your web hosting, if anything goes wrong and the configuration does not work properly and the grades are not accepted by your website then you need to wake up. Look for the up gradation of your server and choose from that. For e.g. PHP 4 and 5, No dedicated IP address like HTTPS does not come into the classification of a well supported security. The security remains at stake. The reprogramming process that the user opts for would not be allowed. And lastly, if the server is seen incorrectly then the user won’t be left with anything but problems.

Considering a Reputative Relationship

The terms of prestige, honor and value does not only imply to big people but to everyone. Same is the case with the relationship with your service provider. We are not aiming or pointing out to anyone, but you need to go through a checking process. Ask your friends or your neighbors and run through the opinion of their host providers on line groups and forums on websites. It is very unlikely that the host provider would get all a clean and pure review of his services, because everybody has shades of grey in them, professionally as well personally. But what you need is a good review with a good reputation and balanced price tag from the host, so that in future you might want to avail to its facility. If you wish to find out the process right now then go to Idealware

Do not commit the mistake of believing on the testimonials that appear on the web hoster’s websites, these people sometimes tend to be selfish and won’t deprecate themselves, or show their fallacy to people. Publicity is done in a positive aspect. So be very careful and choose wisely while buying the process or giving feedbacks.

One Step at a Time

Having your own website makes you popular on the search engine you can be on the front page cover. Oh, that would be the loftiest dream any person would have.  It goes one step at a time. In the starting phase there would be lesser amount of traffic in your gradually growing website and the visitors would also be unaware of that. Then slowly, you start upgrading your account, with the amalgamation from your host provider. Having a host sharing account at the server would make the task easier. Starting your website would lead you to far off places, so do not stick to the providers who just offer skills in single service, you need to flexible, technically and virtually upgraded with your hosting.

Opt for a Vehement Support from the Team

If your website experiences temporary suspensions of electricity then make sure you are able to contact the support team. You will be wishing that this facility would be availed to you at every flash of the time. And it’s not just about phone calling support and guidance; we are talking about the on line service that the hosts provide. By conversing on line you would get a clear view of the solution and also they would understand your problem dexterously. They sometimes attach the documents for you, so if you are on line you can easily save it and view by later. There would be no situations raised from what and how come. These are the facts that you have to follow before you sign up for anything.  A good and reputed host provider will offer a valid email support to its customers.

False Alarm Terms

Some host providers are shrewd and they can manipulate the person in seconds. They would try to fool you with their high technical words which in reality would mean nothing. It’s just generating a false alarm of knowledge.

The terms that this people fool you with are

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  • Unlimited Bandwidth- Do not muses over this word. It’s totally false. There is absolutely no way that a person will exceed a limit beyond the bandwidth, so do not pay any heed.
  • Unlimited disk space- Again you are being fooled, there’s no such thing as unlimited disk space, otherwise the company would have to start begging. The claims of providing you with this space by the web hosters are false.
  • 24/7 email support with a live helper- Most of the host give you an assurance of helping you with on line support service but sometimes it is not true. However there is up to 90 percent of guarantee of contacting the representative but, some smart providers will make you seem awkward by proclaiming that they don’t have downtime.
  • Instant activation of your website, pay by your card and boost your website- Hold it landlubber! We all know that a DNS server takes at least 48 hours of time for upgrading the database. Most fast paced process measures up to 1 hour.
  • You are couple of steps away to transfer your website- Couple of steps? It might be about 200 or more. Do not get misguided by the offers of cheap web hosts, stick through your research and go for the best.
  • Unlimited email accounts? – This is another bat shit crazy idea because your email box does not exceed itself beyond a certain limit. In theoretical terms you can create loads of email addresses, the size of the mailbox would be quite small.


Be Kind to the Customer Representative

Some people threaten to cancel their contract to get something for nothing. Often, hosting companies will give it to them, within reason, just because. No need to threaten to cancel to get your way and force tough decisions upon them. You may get what you want now, but later on the customer service rep may not be so friendly or accommodating of your hosting needs.

Do not fretter over your customer care representative if you are not finding a solution to your problem. Getting angry is not an answer. Your website might not be running, you might be experiencing other difficulties, but then you do not have the right of pouring your wrath onto the other side of the phone. They are humans, man, not robots.

Don’t Act Like a Jackass

The representatives go through the boring process of repeating details to everyone which they all are supposed to know, but they keep on asking, which fumes the person. If any user goes ashtray from the rules he/she would be caught and naturally their contract would be void. If any kind of sexual explicit content, or pornographic websites, illegal and illicit content material is being posted then the user would be in big trouble. So, why to get into this incorrigible stuff? This would only incur losses to you. It would decrease the demand of your website, raising your cost, and system would diminish.

At the end, remember that, you are the sole trekker on this stony path of hosting, do not get lost and keep the lamp of research open and burning at all times. You can click here for more information.